Teak Root Furniture Prices (DIY Project Download)

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ABOVE -. HUNDREDS OF TEAK ROOT BENCHES AND CHAIRS IN STOCK. SINGLE SEAT FROM 150 – DOUBLE SEAT FROM 350. Garden furniture set made of hardwood. Unique furniture with rustic style. For your log furniture. Price list for teak root furniture. Bench Small 80cm to 110cm US 65 Bench Large 120cm to 150cm US 100 Chair Small 60cm x 60cm x 90cm US 65 Chair Large 70cm x 60cm x 100cm US 91 Lounger Small 80cm to 110cm US 65 Lounger Medium 120cm to 150cm US 100 Lounger Large 160cm or more US 165 Table Spider Small 70cm Wide 50cm High US 100 Table spider Large 100cm Wide 50cm High US 130 Table Small 90cm x 70cm x 50cm US 85 Table Large 120cm x 90cm x 50cm US 125 Terms: Price in US EX WORKS Yogyakarta Shipping port: Tanjung Mas Port of Semarang City in Central Java Province Buyer responsible for all costs from our warehouse in Yogyakarta to Shipping port. Teak root furniture from Java and Bali Indonesia. Teak root wood furniture such as teak root chairs, teak root tables and teak root benches. Garden outdoor furniture made of teak wood.

teak root furniture prices 2Solid Teak Root Indoor/Outdoor Coffee Tables, Teak Root Swing and Water Fountain, beautiful Teak Root Lavatories. Teak root benches petrified wood tables, Javanese sculptures and handicrafts. We supply teak root benches, teak root furniture and teak root bowls at very competitive prices. Reclaimed Teak Wood – Teak Root Benches – Balls – Carvings – Rustic Furniture – Vase – Bowls – Chairs – Coffee Tables – Dining – Garden – Orlando, Florida.

Our line of unique teak root furniture and decorations includes but is not limited to: teak root benches, teak root tables, teak root chairs, teak root sculptur. Sale. Teak & Glass Table. 305.00 215.00. Sale. Teak Root Ball. 250.00 175.00. Due to the fact that the root of a teak tree is typically thrown away, these artisans have preserved the root to make a wonderful eco-friendly, statement piece in the living room. Our Teak Root Table is a by-product of sustainable teak wood harvesting in Indonesia. The teak root is painstakingly unearthed, instead of being left to rot underground.

Teak Root Furniture

teak root furniture prices 3These items are carved from the root of the teak tree. The tree was felled many, many years ago but instead of burning the roots before replanting, as was done previously, these unique items are now being produced. Did you know that all of our prices include Free UK deliver. Cozy Teak Furniture for your Outdoors By stuffing them with plants, trees, along with other farms outdoor areas at houses deserve to own beautification.

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