Teak Wood Shower Floor Insert (DIY Project Download)

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So this was a practice run to see if I could build one of these wood shower floors. I’m also going to give the mat extra protection with a coat or two (or three) of teak oil. Just remodeled the master bath for my mom and sunk the shower floor down 2 inches with the idea of putting in a teak insert, so the shower will be barrier-free. I just can’t help thanking you again for the custom teak shower floor mat you made for us to use in our beach house. Without it, we literally would have torn the house down and rebuilt, and with it the place is dressed up like a fine hotel. At flooringsupplyshop.com you can find custom and stock Teak shower mats, benches and bath products, as well as ADA compliant wall-mount benches. Teak Wood Mat Square 32 x 30. Teak Wood Mat Round Corners 28 x 27.

teak wood shower floor insert 2See our MTI teak shower trays that are handcrafted in the USA. They are comfortable under foot, emit a slight teak aroma during showering and allow soap and shampoo to drain through to the floor of the shower base. Used in shipbuilding for centuries, genuine teak contains a natural oil to retard water and keep the wood from warping, cracking or becoming brittle. I love the idea of the luxurious texture of wood flooring in a shower. There are woods used in wet environments, mostly those that are fairly impervious to rot – teak, cedar, redwood, mahogony (less so). The teak shower mat can be used as standalone stepping mats, for spa shower floor,for door mats and ect. Made of premium teak wood and comes in an oiled finish.

The simple design fits over existing shower floors. Think of a teak insert as a wooden grid with feet. Some have anti-bacterial runners or strips on the bottom. The base doesn’t scratch my rather tender travertine tiles as they very thoughtfully again, screwed on, six large rubber feet that act as shock absorbers. This teak shower mat is constructed of Grade A and B teak wood and showcases a stylish natural finish. I have a customer that wants a wooden shower floor made to fit into her shower basin. I hesitate using Teak. Any ideas for a species of wood that will hold up well in such damp and wet conditions?.

Teak Shower Tray

Add the warmth of natural wood and make your environment a little cleaner and safer with these genuine teak bath mats, brought to you by PlumbingSupply. Teak bathroom flooring, teak wood shower floor mat folding teak shower mat. Teak wood shower floor custom teak shower mat teak bathroom flooring. It has non slip rubber track on back to prevent mat from shifting on shower floor. Slats provide space for ease of water drainage through floor. It has been wood of choice for hundreds of years of luxury boat builders. Our Solid Teak Shower mat is ideal for wet applications and made to withstand constant water flow. Teak Shower Floor Mat – Square African Teak Shower Floor Mat, Wood Mat We Heart It teak shower bases, teak shower floor insert, and wooden shower floor. While it’s true a wooden bath mat won’t give you that same plush feeling underfoot like a softer textile one, some fans of the wooden bath mat claim it’s easier to keep clean.

The Disadvantages Of A Teak Shower Floor

I’ve done teak shower benches before but never a floor. Looks great in that picture though. Fiberglass pan and freestanding (removable) wood insert. If I had a client asking for this? I’d go with a fiberglass pan (if the dimensions worked) and failing this? Deck mud, Kerdi drain, Kerdi membrane; tile the walls up from the deck and build the wood floor in two pieces (to allow for removal). Floor for Striking Teak Shower Floor Kit and wood shower floor insert. Prices for High Quality Teak/Ipe Wood Shower, Hot Tub Bath & Sauna Mats. Make any Shower or Tub Attractive.