Tesla Invader 2 Box Mod (DIY Project Download)

tesla invader 2 box mod 1

1Mechanical Mod, 1Pouch. Authentic Tesla Two 4000mAh 100W Rechargeable E-Cigarette Battery. The Tesla Invader 2 Classic wood mechanical box mod is designed to fit perfectly in your hand and has smooth corners and this new design just looks great!. I stopped by my local B&M to try out some mechanical box mods yesterday as I was looking for a dual 18650 box. I knew they had the Tesla Invader I, Tesla Invader II and the IVOGO Dimitri clone so I thought I’d do a little shootout in my spare time. It would be very easy to dismiss the version 2 as a purely cosmetic upgrade as nearly all the improves are inside.

tesla invader 2 box mod 2Using 2 pcs 18650 battery at the same time, the power can be last longer. 5. So I bought the Tesla Invader II and was stoked, it’s my first mech mod, even though it’s only half-mech, but I put my Doge on it and it doesn’t. Submitted 1 year ago by Bluesox4Competition Doge V2 on IPV mini 2. Powered by 2 x 18650 high-drain batteries in series, and Tesla uses its own chipset to avoid possible inappropriate use of this device(See Features & Specs). 1 x Tesla Invader III 240w mod; 1 x user manual; 1 x Tesla Invader III gift box.

The Tesla Invader is a wooden mechanical box mod powered with dual 18650 batteries. For any question about product title Authentic Tesla Invader II Wood Mechanical Box Mod – Brown, Ebony, 2 x 18650, please contact us. We also encourage you to leave review of e-cig products on 3FVape. Proud to be the 1st review posted, hopefully a ton more content creators/reviewers come over this way. 3 ohmo love.

Original Tesla Invader Ii Wood Box Mod

tesla invader 2 box mod 3The Tesla Invader 2 unregulated box mod has a real comfortable feel and grip. It uses 2 18650 batteries (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED!!!). The battery cover is held together by stronger magnets than the Invader 1. The Tesla Invader II Wooden Half-Mechanical Box Mod is produced according to human engineering. 10 off for new customers and 2 off for VIP customers. However, the Tesla Invader 2 has also been built to be a device that you enjoy using as well. You’ll find no circuitry in this bad boy, as it is a fully mechanical box mod. The Invader 2 Box Mod is truly a natural beauty. With a body shaped to fit your hand, you won’t find another quite like it except of course it’s predecessor, th. A Wooden mod, which a good appearance, accord with human body engineering, very comfortable felling. Tesla Invader II (2) Wood Box Mod – Rosewood Color. Tesla is back at it again! They present to you, the Invader 3. Its BEASTLY 240 watt maximum output will have people thinking you’re fog machine!

Tesla Invader Box Mod