The Musical Box Black Show Setlist (DIY Project Download)

Show and one Selling England Black Show in most cities. The black and white shows feature the same setlist but very different stage designs. I was just introduced to the musical box and and psyched to see they have 2 shows coming up in chicago. The first night is the selling england show, the 2nd night is the black show..i see the setlist is almost identical minus horizon for the selling show. Posts about the musical box written by douglasharr. Back during the original SEBTP tour when Genesis returned to North America for a second leg of the tour the set list was the same, but they changed the sets and the background was totally black. The black show has some different slides, but it’s not as nice visually overall because the black curtain does not react to the lights.

the musical box setlist 2Last Saturday I was at the Musical Box show (wonderful as usual) and – SURPRISE – some new dates (2) in Rome were announced for this fall. Setlists: The Knife dropped (Genesis received a lot of criticism for refusing to perform encores). The Black Show is the best Musical Box concert! The set list was perfect, including Cinema Show, The Musical Box, Supper’s Ready, and The Knife, all Genesis iconic pieces. Concert Review: The Musical Box, 22 July 2014, The Orange Peel, Asheville NC. The group s current tour features alternating set lists: one night centers around material from the 1972 album Foxtrot; the next builds a setlist around songs from Selling England By the Pound.

At around the 20-minute point of the song Gabriel dons a red geometrical headdress and a black robe for a character he called Magog. Fans of Genesis and The Musical Box have enjoyed the latter’s Playhouse Square faithful reenactments of emblematic Genesis albums as theatrical experiences. (The Black and White shows feature the same set list but very different stage designs. The Musical Box – Selling England by the Pound Farewell Tour 2007. Based on previous setlist of Selling England shows either by The Musical Box or Genesis, I prepared myself with the songs so I could be one hundred percent into the show.


The Musical Box will take fans along for a time-travel ride, with a chance to relive the magic Genesis. Genesis helped The Musical Box greatly with this show staging by giving them copies of the 1,200 original slides. The black and white shows feature the same setlist but very different set designs. For some years now, the Musical Box has visited New York City every December, playing a pair of shows at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center. The Epic Set List From Prince’s Final Show: Two Sets, 40-Plus Songs & Surprising Covers. Black Sweat4. Newports with Pac, so I held on to the box with four cigarettes left. – it pains me to say this but this show sucked..sure the final black muddy and box of rain were moving but this show was simply a sad footnote to a wonderful era. Sure the final black muddy and box of rain were moving but this show was simply a sad footnote to a wonderful era. We are lucky to have these shows to hear.i am not one who claims,but am a musical expert.i love the allmans,but for all the retards out ther,the brothers were not even close to covering the material the dead did. The Musical Box at the Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA. French Canadian tribute outfit The Musical Box are to date the only Genesis tribute act band in the world to acquire from Peter Gabriel and Genesis the performing rights and access to archives, audio tracks and original slideshow for The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, allowing them to re-stage the concert 25 years later with painstaking attention to detail. This year they will combine that with another best-selling setlist, Foxtrot.

The Musical Box Returns To South Florida With Tour

Fall 1972, the English rock group Genesis began a new tour to promote their fourth album,FOXTROT. Visual aspects aside, the main interest of the FOXTROT tour became the fact that a good portion of the songs on the set list were played live for the last time by Genesis. The Musical Box is undertaking the reproduction of the original concert in painstaking detail to give people an illusion of being at the actual Genesis show.