The Virtualbox Kernel Service Is Not Running Exiting (DIY Project Download)

the virtualbox kernel service is not running exiting 1

Vboxautostart-service is not executed correctly on startup in Debian. In processes running on host I can see that VBoxHeadless didn’t exit. VBoxClient: the VirtualBox kernel service is not running. Exiting. I don’t need to use any VM software, don’t want to start any service related to them, and didn’t find where VBoxClient is started from, to get rid of this message. Depois que eu instalei os adicionais para convidado toda vez que ligo minha m quina virtual com LUBUNTU aparece a mensagem de erro: VBOXClient: the VirtualBOX kernel services is not running. Exit como corrijo este problema?

the virtualbox kernel service is not running exiting 2I currently run Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.6 on Virtual-Box. Which means for whatever reason, Flash is not working. Cache————————————————————–Also, I get the following message every time I boot LXLE: vbox client: the virtual box kernel service is not running, exiting.

Oracle Linux On Virtualbox

(vboxautostart-service Is Not Executed Correctly On Startup In Debian) Oracle Vm Virtualbox