The Woodwright’s School (DIY Project Download)

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In keeping with our efforts to make the Woodwright’s School look as if it were 1937, please wear clothing that would not look out of place in that time period. Roy Underhill (born 22 December 1950) was raised in Washington, DC, and was the first master housewright at the Colonial Williamsburg reconstruction. Since 1979, he has been the host of the PBS series The Woodwright’s Shop. Posts about Woodwright’s School written by pfollansbee.

the woodwright's school 2Anyone who has taken a class at Roy Underhill’s The Woodwright’s School knows that you don’t bring a tape measure to class. It will almost surely be confiscated and returned to you at the end of the class. Traditional hand tool woodworking classes conducted by Roy Underhill and associates. Information on the the Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro, that offers classes in woodworking using old fashioned techniques from the turn of the century. You’ve seen him at The Woodwright’s Shop on PBS. And now master woodworker Roy Underhill is offering classes at his newly opened Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro, NC. Cam went down to Pittsboro, NC to The Woodwright’s School for a class with Will Myers, April 30-May 4th. Cam has a modest woodshop at his house an enjoys remodeling, making furniture, and carving as a bit of stress relief on the periphery of running NEMO. If you are ever near Chapel Hill, NC, do yourself a favor and visit the Woodwright’s School. They are dedicated to the art of working wood with hand tools, wedge and edge.

How To Smuggle A Tape Measure Into The School

The Woodwright’s School is already hallowed ground for a lot of woodworkers, but hovering above workshop is Ed Lebetkin’s Antique Tool store. I just found out that Roy Underhill’s Woodwright’s School is only a couple of hours away from where my wife’s family lives. I’ve registered for the Benchwork Week in April next spring (the February one was already booked). VIDEO: Building the Portable Moravian Workbench at The Woodwright’s School ( See more about Workbenches, Schools and Videos. The Woodwright’s School and a Traveling Tool Chest. Ten amateur woodworkers with varied backgrounds gathered together from all parts of the country (NY, PA, TX, CA, OR, NC, GA) in mid-Septe. Last Saturday, I went with The Alamance Makers Guild to the Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro, NC. The Makers Guild is a group I discovered down here which is interested in many of the same things I am; woodworking, sculpting, fabrication, blacksmithing, science and art. Creator of the popular PBS series The Woodwright’s Shop, Roy has inspired millions–from professional craftsman to armchair woodworker–with his talent, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

The Woodwright’s School

I’m taking a class on making a continuous arm Windsor chair this week at The Woodwright’s School in North Carolina. Walking in to the school this morning was a thrill just to see all the tools and familiar projects from The Woodwright Shop TV show.