Things To Do With Dresser Drawers (DIY Project Download)

See more about Old Dresser Drawers, Old Drawers and Dresser Drawers. 50+ Things to Make from Cement Mix and Concrete Blocks. If Aunt Mildred’s shabby dresser is occupying space that you’d like to reclaim, consider these creative ways to repurpose drawers into unique and useful pieces for today’s home. Creative do-it-yourselfers have repurposed drawers in surprising ways you might never have imagined.

things to do with dresser drawers 2Even if your old dresser is slightly broken, it is easy to replace drawers with shelves, or even transform the dresser into a new piece of furniture. As a bonus, the spare dresser drawers themselves can be used as creative home accents. Be It Ever So Humble: 12 Amazing Things Made with Plywood. 12 Backyard Updates You Can Do in a Day. Amazingly creative ideas for using old dresser drawers in a new way! But instead, I’d like to encourage you all to look at things differently. One is in the foyer and holds seasonal things such as winter gloves and hats. Use the old dresser drawers as under-the-bed storage. It kinda validates what I had to do in my kitchen: Put our spare dresser in it to put the microwave on and store all my dry-goods! It works brilliantly, and this makes me feel like I’m all stylish and stuff.

Today, we’ll be looking at what to do with old drawers. If the one thing you’re able to salvage is a drawer, here are some things you can do with it. Dresser drawers are plentiful at thrift stores – why not make something useful out of one of them? Here are 10 ideas for upcycling one. Who knew that such amazing things could be done with them? Another great use for old dresser drawers by Anisa Beddow on Drawers. I can do this!

Repurposed Dresser

wood panels for oil painting 3Transform Your Home With These Brilliant DIY Dresser Drawer Upcycles. Use big drawers to make a bed for your dog, or some small ones for your cat or some other pet. Do This Before Bed And You’ll Never Need Gym (Once Daily). Save that old dresser and check out these 10 ways to repurpose old drawers! Which of those ideas to repurpose old drawers do you like best? It is always the small things that make a room look great after refurbishing. Remove the top of the dresser and the top drawers, and what do you have? A bench, of course! Add some plywood for a seat, a comfy cushion, and you’ve got extra seating for your entryway, front porch, or mud room. A great alternative for those without a yard! How many times have you passed up a great old dresser at a yard sale because you weren’t sure what to do with it? Remove the top drawers and add a tension rod to transform a chest into a dress up closet. Faith Towers is a designer, writer and crafter with a passion for all things creative. Cool DIY Dresser Drawer Ideas You Can Do at Home. Hopefully, the photos below can give you some inspiration on what can be achieved with things you think are no longer functional, such as broken drawer dressers.

These 20 Ideas Will Spruce Up Your Drawers

Dressers missing drawers, by using other dumped parts, pieces of the drawers left behind. Do you ever come across things that look like this? A lot of great ideas for turning old dresser drawer into fantastic looking shelves. Simple Midwest girl who likes to do things on her own. This week’s projects were these great dresser drawers, an old frame and this little dresser. I’m using this as storage and a dumping place for things that are coming into and leaving the house.