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An 1803 patent for a refrigerator (ice box) was granted to Thomas Moore and signed by President Thomas Jefferson, invited to the Moore home in Montgomery County, Md to see the new Refrigeratory. Years after the patent, Thomas Moore and his invention were remembered by a man in Boston writing to a magazine. In 1799, when the elderly Thomas Moore died at his home on Bond Street (now 40132 Bond Street) in Waterford, Virginia, he was a long way from his native Waterford, Ireland-and at the end of an unusual life’s journey. Moore devised an icebox out of a cedar tub which was insulated with rabbit fur, filled with ice, and wrapped in a piece of sheet metal so he could transport his butter at a cooler temperature. Moore’s refrigerator was constructed by placing a tin box inside an oval cedar tub and filling the gaps between box and tub with ice.

thomas moore ice box 2Thomas Moore Jr. was a farmer, inventor, entrepreneur, surveyor, and engineer who worked on several significant public works projects and contributed to the development of better agricultural methods in the years of the early Republic. Today, Moore is best remembered for inventing an icebox for which he became the first to bestow the name refrigerator. It was — by all accounts — an ice box. The patent for this original refrigerator was granted in 1802 to a farmer named Thomas Moore, a farmer, inventor, surveyor, engineer and entrepreneur from Brookeville, Maryland. In 1803, Sir Thomas Moore invented the first practical icebox. Thomas Moore was a wealthy farmer; he lived in Brooklandville, Maryland, in the longwood manor.

Thomas Moore was a civil engineer and farmer who developed one of the earliest refrigeration devices. It was constructed by placing a tin box inside an oval cedar tub and filling the gaps between box and tub with ice. Three years later Thomas Moore was selling the first ice-box, which is just like a refrigerator except that instead of electricity, it used ice to do the cooling. But as early as 1803, an ingenious Maryland farmer, Thomas Moore, had been on.

Thomas Moore

thomas moore ice box 3Enjoy the best Thomas Moore Quotes at BrainyQuote. Quotations by Thomas Moore, Irish Poet, Born May 28, 1779. Share with your friends. The first ice boxes were made by carpenters in the 1840s, designed to take advantage of something new in American life: the regular household delivery of large blocks of ice that could be obtained daily in large cities and even small ones.

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