Timber Fascia Board Price (DIY Project Download)

The retail cost for fascia board materials is generally inexpensive; however, homeowners can expect the price to rise if they hire a professional to install the boards for them. Aluminum may also be used with wooden fascia boards and can weatherproof the wood, so it is less likely to deteriorate. The second option is to rip out the weather damaged fascia boards and replace them with new timber fascias. If you love painting and maintaining your fascias then this could be an option for you. Some architectural styles have open eaves and therefore no soffits, and a few have no fascia boards across the ends of the rafters, behind the gutters. If the house has wooden fascia and soffits, it’s possible to replace just the section that is damaged.

timber fascia board price 2The price the guy had been smiling about a minute before then dropped considerably – once he picked his jaw up. What is included in the Wooden Fascias, Soffits and Barge Boards (gable ends) Painting and Renovation work carried out by GW Property Group?. Our quoted prices are based onaverage soffits sizes of 18 inches, fascia boards of 12 inches and barge boards of 18 inches. How Much Does it Typically Cost to Replace Fascia and Soffit Boards?

Building prices for roof fascia boards. Fascia boards are vertical wooden or plastic panels that are positioned underneath the guttering round the top of the roof of a house. Read our fascia soffit boards price guide and plan your budget! Without adequate ventilation condensation will form in the roof void increasing the risk of timber decay. How much does it actually cost to replace guttering?

New Soffits, Guttering And Fascia Boards (cost)

timber fascia board price 3Has anyone had any old wooden fascia boards replaced with new plastic ones? I recently replaced all my fascias and soffits myself and didnt pay anywhere near those prices, for instance 5mtrs of fascia board 150mm x 9mm thick was about 12.

Building Prices For Roof Fascia Boards