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Opened in 1930 during the Great Depression, Tiny Jewel Box began its illustrious history as an antique jewelry store owned by Monte and Roz Rosenheim, in a 100 square foot storefront on G Street. Although taking in pieces for repair or appraisal is a routine part of a jeweler’s job, there could be costly consequences for your business if procedures aren’t properly followed. Jim Rosenheim of the Tiny Jewel Box, a store in Washington, D.C., calls take-in the single most important thing we do in business. To help establish that trust, Martin Fuller, an independent appraiser in McLean, suggests asking questions: How long has a jeweler been in business? Does it do repairs on site or send them out? (On-site is a plus because you can talk to the repair people. Tiny Jewel Box, 1147 Connecticut Ave., NW; 202-393-2747;

tiny jewel box appraisal 2The Tiny Jewel Box located on 1147 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington,. No matter what piece of jewelry you may be looking for, Tiny Jewel Box has it and is ready to serve you. The services include appraisals, jewelry repair, custom design and hand engraving. Gold ring jewelry in hand over notebook appraisal.

Page 192 DexPages Yellow Pages for District of Columbia, DC (2015). Jewelers, Jewelry Appraisal, Jewelry Buyers, Jewelry-Repairing, Junk Dealers, Karate & Other Martial Arts Instruction. Onsite Master Jeweler, Jewelry Repair and Insurance Appraisals. Antique Appraisals in Washington, DC on Yahoo! Tiny Jewel Box is filled with the most exquisite vintage and artistic jewelry and engagement rings in the Virginia, Washington DC area.

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Each and every diamond at Tiny Jewel Box has been hand selected by one of our owners, both graduate gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America. These are separate from, but are used in conjunction with, appraisals, which assign a value to your diamond. One example is the Washington-based family-owned jewelry store Tiny Jewel Box. Lauded as a decades old store that has survived well through the introduction of online shops, Tiny Jewel Box has not only expanded its physical location but also their internet presence. And with an appraisal office in the District but no salesroom, Bonhams sends local consignments to any of its six auction cities, including New York, London, Sydney, and Hong Kong. Photography courtesy of tiny jewel box; sophie pyle; getty images (zebra pin, leopard pin); tiffany & Co. Have you ever heard of any good jewelers or jewelry repair shops in DC? They’ve done appraisals and work on watches and other jewelery for me, and my husband and I bought our wedding rings there (partially because we had no interest in giving that tax revenue to any shop in Virginia). For serious jewelry repair anything valuable I swear by Tiny Jewel Box on Connecticut Ave. Reviews on Tiny jewel box in Adams Morgan, Washington, DC, United States – Tiny Jewel Box, I. I brought an engagement ring in for resizing and appraisal. Check out Marvin Sokolow’s ANTIQUES ROADSHOW appraisal of this Japanese Ivory Jewel Box, ca. 1875 from Louisville, Hour 1!

Jewelers, Jewelry Appraisal, Jewelry Buyers, Jewelry-repairing, Junk Dealers, Karate & Other Martial Arts Instruction

I got my antique ring at Tiny Jewel Box in DC (Conn and K). If they don’t do appraisals, they’ll have recommendations. Reply Flag. Leave a comment. Reply:. The Tiny Jewel Box will have its annual sale three weeks before Mother’s Day. You have options. Would you be happy with a more affordable ring? If so, start looking. Some to Tiny Jewel Box, and some other places. Depending on the piece of jewellry. Except to receive about 1/4 of the appraised value. Master Goldsmith, CAD jeweler design, Diamond setter at Tiny Jewel Box.