Tiny Pizza Boxes (DIY Project Download)

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Find great deals on eBay for Pizza Boxes in Packing and Shipping Boxes 4 by 14 inches in Length. 30 PIZZA BOXES 10 X 10 PACKAGING SMALL PARCEL SIZE IDEAL CLOCKS. Her eyes landed on something intriguing: a pizza box fashioned out of pizza crust. The creation features a small pepperoni pie nestled between a base of Sicilian-crust pizza and a lid of garlicky, naan-like bread. A pizza saver, box tent, pizza table, pizza tripod, pizza nipple, or package saver is a device used to prevent the top of a food container, such as a pizza box or cake box, from collapsing in at the center and touching the food inside.

tiny pizza boxes 2That tiny little plastic invention has saved humanity from eating smushed and stripped pizza that has half of its cheese ripped off because the pizza got stuck to the cardboard top of the pizza box. In her patent, Vitale detailed the package saver (a terrible name for her invention as no one gives a crap about the package, it was the pizza that needed saving), which was a tiny tripod that provided support to the sagging pizza box. The pizza box (that’s made of recycled materials, just FYI) has a small cut-out section at the top that can be removed and quickly folded into a pipe for smoking weed. Just like the pizza topped with tiny pizza slices, this edible pizza box was birthed by bored pizzeria staff. Not to take anything away from the creative geniuses that are the Vinnie’s crew, but these ideas are not culinary triumphs, they are jokes.

A New York City pizzeria is ditching the cardboard container for a pizza box that’s made of one thing and one thing only100 percent pizza. The box features a small square that rips out and rolls into a weed pipe. Peel, then pot: The pizza box pipe features a section of the box that. Kaya Toast and White Coffee at a Tiny Malaysian Cafe.

That Plastic Thing Inside Your Pizza Box Was Invented 30 Years Ago

how to make a mini pizza box 3This week, we looked at computer aided design. I modified a preexisting box design in Illustrator to make a tiny pizza box. Here’s the design as viewed in Illustrator (it’s an SVG). But their pizza boxes are virtually unrecyclable, thanks to the cheesy, greasy residue left behind on the cardboard bottoms. America’s love for food and sex has finally come together in one tiny little pizza box, thanks to Moscow designer Marina Malgina. Malgina has created a moc. The concept shows a set of five condoms wrapped in pepperoni pizza packaging and stacked into a tiny pizza box. G-D it, that’s cute. I can barely stand it. Ooh! Vinnie’s Pizza, 148 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg, has developed the glorious Pizza Box Pizza. (Credit: Twitter / Vinnie’s Brooklyn). In fact, just last year he introduced the pizza-topped with slices of smaller pizzas. Pizza-Stuffed Crust Pizza with Mini Pizzas on Top.

New York Pizzeria Creates Edible Pizza Box Out Of Pizza