Toddler Bedtime Battles (DIY Project Download)

Experts share tips for establishing a bedtime routine for your children that will allow them to go to sleep easily. Nightly struggles with a bed-resistant toddler can be extremely frustrating for a parent, especially when you’d love nothing more than to doze off into dreamland yourself! Thankfully Circle of Moms members have shared great suggestions for mastering smooth, hassle-free bedtime routine for toddlers. Is it difficult to persuade your toddler to go to bed at night? You’re not alone! Find out how to deal with tantrums at bedtime and help your toddler sleep.

toddler bedtime battles 2To eliminate hunger as a contributor to bedtime battles, and also to help your toddler sleep for longer stretches, try adding a late snack with sleep-inducing foods rich in tryptophan and calming magnesium such as almonds, sunflower seeds, milk, yogurt, bananas, apples and peanut butter. Discover the four common causes of bedtime battles and regain control. For younger children with behavioral issues, I recommend that parents have what is known as a star chart. For some families, however, bedtime is a pitched battle of wills between parent and child.

End bedtime battles with a nightly routine that works for your kids (and you). Times four, since I have four closely spaced children. On a good night, I finish my rounds merely exhausted. During a get-together with some moms the other day, we started talking about Toddler Battles. The discussion started with the potty training skirmishes and then we moved on to bedtime battles. We did it! We finally won the bedtime battle with my two-year-old. There are millions of parents out there who struggle with getting a child to go to bed, stay in bed, sleep through the night, sleep in their own room the list goes on.

Toddler Fighting Sleep? 20 Peaceful Sleepy-time Tips

To complicate things further, the strongest drive to be awake happens before bedtime, so your toddler may be fully charged and ready to battle you. After a bedtime battle of average length, we thought our son was settling in to stay asleep. My husband and I were in our bedroom, discussing what we should pack for our trip to Florida in a few days. My daughter has just turned 3, bedtime routine has always been a bit difficult but we always got her to sleep by 8. Unwanted bedtime habits are really easily developed with toddlers but they can take a while to break. Your toddler used to be great at settling at bedtime and sleeping through. Forum: Share your advice and discover how other parents have won their bedtime battles on the discussion forum. Do you have power struggles? Sound advice on how to deal with toddler sleep problems and other struggles at bedtime.

6 Ways To Streamline Bedtime

After a busy day with an energetic toddler, bedtime might seem like a welcome idea to us, but not necessarily to your toddler and so the bedtime battles commence.