Tonewood Europe (DIY Project Download)

Traditional European tone-wood for violins, the whole string quartet and guitars can be found in the European mountain ranges. The highest and the best known are the Alps. We get most of our European spruce tonewood from a few (small) companies that are producing for the makers of the finest master-violins, violas, cellos or double basses all over the world. Where to buy tonewoods in Europe. Does anyone happen to know a good source for guitar tonewoods in EU? Thanks in advance.

tonewood europe 2When you order German Spruce from LMI, you can expect the excellent, slightly golden-colored tonewood that, for years now, has been the staple of the bowed instrument world, and a favorite among high-end steel string and classical guitar builders. European + other tonewoods for luthiers of guitars & archtop specialized in all kinds of european, german, alpine, italian, swiss, spruce, moonwood, picea abies, picea orientalis, caucasian spruce. International Tonewood Supplier Caucasian spruce originates from the higher elevations of Eastern Europe between the Black Sea. This spruce is often confused with Carpathian Spruce when, in fact, each are distinctly different species.

If you are in Mainland Europe the German Company Dick have good quality tone wood. If you are in the UK there are a few suppliers including Touchstone Tonewoods and David Dyke. ’08 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1957 in Faded Cherry VOS ’95 Fender Stratocaster Plus in Blue Pearl Dust Marshall JVM 410H + 2 V30s VHT Special 6. Suppliers of tonewoods native to the Adirondack and Green Mountains that. Meet the standard which its European twins established in the early history of instrument making.

European Spruce

tonewood europe 3Where to buy Master Violin Tonewood. There are a few dealers that buy in Europe and sell New York. konradkonio. Member. Konrad Pater. Tonewoods are called such because they really make tone, or are capable of making tone, compared to more normal woods which are useful for making things like buildings, boats or furniture. As far as top woods go, European spruce, on account of its cellular structure, is more brittle than American Sitka spruce: it cracks and splinters somewhat easily when sufficiently bent or stressed. An overview of the tonewoods I prefer to build my guitars with. European spruce is considered the best top tone-wood available. There are several species that are sold as European spruce. Certain stocks have been over-used and become unavailable, others in Europe have suffered from acid rain. There are also stories of seeds being transported from Europe to the U. European Spruce is a very good wood for tops. European Maple is an excellent tone wood for backs and sides. When this variety is quarter sawn it produces small intense stripes that usually fall very close to one another.

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