Tony Lapratt Deer Beds (DIY Project Download)

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Tony La Pratt discusses how warm winters can increase the deer population in Michigan. Tony LaPratt, Ultimate Land Management and the Whitetail Boot Camp for the Serious Trophy Deer Hunter. Tony is the most innovative land manager and leads the nation in manipulating and influencing the habitat and bedding areas to attract large mature bucks. I can honestly say that Tony LaPratt’s ideas and techniques are unique and they work in the REAL WORLD. Tony’s most unbelievable discovery is how to build the ultimate buck bed.

tony lapratt deer beds 2The king of WT habitat is Tony Lapratt, also located in Michigan. Let me tell you one word about Mr. Tony Lapratt. SNAKE-OIL He’s great at speaking like Obama, and will lure you in with his personality and his adorable French accent. After all, the key to killing deer is being out there hunting instead of at home in bed. I met the property owners at one of Tony LaPratt’s Boot Camps. These landscaping changes included creating tree hinge cuttings that are effective as large or small doe family bedding areas, buck only bedding areas, buck and doe bedding areas and controlling deer travel corridors.

A thing I learned at Tony Lapratt’s Bootcamp. Discussion in ‘Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting’ started by StevenJ, Mar 11, 2010. I’d say you owe it to yourself to shoot a deer from that outhouse. Just somehow seems like the right thing to do. It is along the creek and does line that creek with bedding sites looking south. I couldn’t help myself. I was on Google Maps yesterday and viewed Mr. Lapratt’s property. Kinda cool. Obviously you can’t figure out his buck bed techiques from seeing an aerial, but you can see some of his food plot layouts. That brushy edge above is the safe staging area that buck used to evaluate the picture in that open alfalfa field.

Who’s The Best Deer Land Manager?

Anybody ever tried any of Tony LaPratt’s strategies? My personaly belief is you can not make a wild deer bed in a specific spot day after day. He spoke about his expertise in building or creating buck bedding areas. I went to a seminar at the IL Whitetail Classic which was given by Tony Lapratt. Has anyone built raised platforms for deer to bed on inside a swamp before? I have built 12 of these so far and will be putting them out in a 30 acre swamp we have on our property. Tony Lapratt grows tomaters and punkins and stuff. He don’t built deer beds. In this seminar with Tony LaPratt, you will learn to understand the different habitats that are on your land, where to locate buck and doe beds, and how to design killing food plots, destination food plots, and scrape and travel corridors. Its quite a secretive concept and anyone familiar with Tony Lapratt knows what I’m talking about. Has anyone experimented in Indiana with making deer beds and wants to talk about it?. I just read a very long thread about Tony Lapratt on the Michigan Sportsmen site this weekend.

A Thing I Learned At Tony Lapratt’s Bootcamp

The Hunting Beast – View topic – Jim Wards Buck Bed. ComDo you want to consistently harvest trophy whitetail bucks? Is your small acreage hunting property not meeting its full potential? Is your property in a high pressure hunting area? Then this is the right place for you!At Tony LaPratt’s Whitetail Habitat Research Center, you enter an area where the most recent, cutting-edge information available on whitetail deer and land management for whitetail hunting is put into practice. Tony leads the nation in manipulation and influence of habitat and bedding areas to attract large mature bucks. Jim Ward from Jim Ward’s Whitetail Academy is making cedar buck beds in the Midwest. Deer hunting is a challenge and the trophy is in the eye of the beholder. Tony Lapratt of Ultimate Land Management has written a plan to develop this property for trophy deer hunting and the landowner has spent approx. As I drop into bed Saturday night after spending a weekend on my feet while talking whitetails, Michigan, and hanging out with our fans at the show – I look forward to Sunday and spending it with family.

Was at a QDMA Banquet type of thing and Tony LaPratt was there, Anyof you know him? (Deer Specalist) He makes alot of sence about Food plots, Buck and Doe Ratio and there Bedding areas. Was at a QDMA Banquet type of thing and Tony LaPratt was there, Anyof you know him? (Deer Specalist) He makes alot of sence about Food plots, Buck and Doe Ratio and there Bedding areas. As mentioned, safe areas can be the primary deer bedding area and we are including bucks. Take a walking tour through a 49 acre wooded area with Tony LaPratt of Ultimate Land Management and get the facts.