Trailing Plants Window Boxes (DIY Project Download)

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Window boxes and hanging baskets allow you to add color to otherwise drab areas of your landscape. Properly designing these outdoor accessories requires the right combination of plants. The selfsame winner in hanging baskets, this one also works really well in window boxes, gracing us with wonderful trailing stems covered with bright flowers. A well-designed window box can be the crowning glory of your full sun garden.

trailing plants window boxes 2Create window boxes that beautify your landscape with our easy plant-by-number ideas. Top off a heady growth of coleus with smaller, trailing plants such as verbena and scaevola for a container that grows mostly down instead of up. Create window boxes that add beauty to your home, garage, or shed with these easy plant-by-number ideas. This moss-lined basket is filled with colorful plants that, when placed strategically, give you a double dose of screening. As a golden coleus reaches for the sky, trailing osteospermum and verbena grow with gravity. A fabulous new strain of heucherella with a trailing, ‘billowing’ habit, making them perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes and the like! Plants are evergreen, so they make great all-year-round hanging basket staples – they’re especially striking in the autumn!.

The ideal plants for window boxes are colorful, can withstand hot sun or part shade and don’t have finicky watering requirements. Here are ten that fit those criteria. Think about how narrow and petite the typical window box is (often 8 to 12 inches wide and equally shallow) not a lot of room especially if you have roots that want to spread long and grow deep. Flowering plants come in all shapes and sizes, yet the root confining nature of window boxes calls for just the right tenants for a win win window. Bidens This is a short lived yellow flowering perennial with a trailing habit. It’s just plain sad to watch window box plants die off at the end of a long growing season. Myrtle or periwinkle (Vinca minor), common ivy (Hedera helix), and wintercreeper (Euonymus fortunei) add trailing evergreen interest to window box plantings throughout winter.

10 Colorful & Low Maintenance Window Box Plants

Trailing geranium varieties are also perfect for a sunny window box. Avoid combining shade- and moisture-loving plants such as begonias and impatiens with plants that thrive in sunlight and heat, such as marigolds, moss roses or lotus vine. This home owner picked just one plant for the window boxes and it looks great (the plantings in the front,. You can also shade some plants in a container with other, taller, plants growing next to them. And for something trailing, you could try nasturiums (which may or may not like it), asparagus fern and even some vinca vines are pretty rough and tumble. Combine flowering plants and those with attractive foliage in window boxes to add color to decks, window sashes, and porch rails. Trailing plants bring elegant drama to containers and hanging baskets without costing a fortune. Million bells spill over the edge of window boxes, too. Petunia ‘Marshmallow’ – this cultivar has good all weather performance and large flowers but there are many other upright and trailing varieties to choose from. Order cheap window box plants available to buy online in the UK. Petunia surfinia plants are unsurpassable for their prolific trailing growth and smothering of trumpet shaped blooms.

10 Colorful & Low Maintenance Window Box Plants

Loose-growing trailing verbena and bidens cultivars can intermingle and flower well together, while geraniums, tuberous begonias, spreading petunias and bacopa cultivars tend to make a thick, mounded plant or a relatively dense mat of growth capable of crowding out neighbors. Window boxes typically have cascading types of plants planted near the edge that can spill over, while more mounded or upright plants are planted closer to the window. If your apartment has a balcony, you can get window box brackets to attach it to the balcony railing. Instead of draining out of the box, the reservoir catches the excess water so that the plants can use it as they need it. (Sutera ‘snow storm’) for a trailing flowering plant, and impatiens. Hanging baskets of flowers and window boxes are easy ways to layer a little extra cheer into your patio and porch spaces or increase curb appeal. Choose a combination of plants such as a couple trailing vines, a bushy type, and something with a bit of height for a nicely balanced basket. To create a beautiful design for your window box, you’ll need plants of various heights: tall ones for the back, medium-height plants for the middle and something trailing in front. To create a beautiful design for your window box, you’ll need plants of various heights: tall ones for the back, medium-height plants for the middle and something trailing in front.

The autumn has come and our window boxes and patio planters are beginning to look a bit dull. They will look fantastic on their own, maybe with some trailing Ivy plants, or mixed with some of the other plants below. Pubs are the places to see brilliant window-boxes and hanging baskets. Perhaps beer dregs make the plants flourish. Their variety means that you can easily furnish window-boxes with nothing else: trailing ivy-leaved geraniums for the front, multi-bloom types for the bulk of the planting with a few variegated types interspersed for contrast. Many plants work well in window boxes, from annuals and grasses to shrubs and miniature roses. Finally, include some trailing plants that will spill down the side of the window box. When planting window boxes, choosing plants that match your sun exposure is the key to success. For a window box that wows, include plants of varying heights by mixing cascading trailers and low-mounding or bushy flowers with upright plants that bring a vertical element to the composition. As such, they look best planted with taller species in back, low-growing and bushy plants in the foreground, and trailing plants that spill out the sides and front. Why is it that window-boxes are invariably left neglected and empty for nearly half the year? This, too, at the particular period of the year when something. A pretty arrangement of trailing plants. More care and attention is required to rear flowers under such conditions, for they do not receive the benefits of Nature’s aid in the way of fresh air, light, and sunshine which are to be enjoved under more favourable surroundings.