Transferring Ink To Wood (DIY Project Download)

transferring ink to wood 1

Simple Trick Allows You to Transfer Images Onto Wood Using Only an Inkjet Printer. All you need is an inkjet printer, a non-porous surface (such as the left-over glossy piece of paper left behind from an address label sheet) a piece of wood (preferably light in color), and some lacquer to protect the image once transferred. Today I’m going to show you how Travis and I transferred an inkjet printed design to a wooden sign for my sister and brother-in-law’s new home (yay to being first time homeowners!) Skipping ahead to the end result. Step 4: Put a layer of gel medium on the wood, then lay the paper photo side down onto the wood. Use your plastic card or boning tool to remove any bubbles of gel medium from between the paper and wood by smoothing the card over the paper pushing excess to the outer edges.

transferring ink to wood 2Of course I only did a super quick sanding on the board before transferring the word over, so more sanding probably would have helped as well. Transferring photos onto just about any surface such as wood, metal, glass, terra cotta and even fabric has become a popular craft projects. Nature and photography come together seamlessly in this awesome photo transfer project!

Woodworking expert Steve Ramsey demonstrates an easy way to transfer an inkjet photo onto wood without needing any special tools.

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