Treating Pallet Wood For Indoor Use (DIY Project Download)

treating pallet wood for indoor use 1

After being used as a basic wooden frame to load and transport goods via forklift, truck, and ship, the simple pallet can be transformed into numerous works of furniture art ranging from coffee tables, shelving, and picture frames to armoires, night stands, and bunk beds. Treatment Codes for Wood Pallets – Upcycle DIY Home Projects. This procedure removes the bark using a cutting tool, and the pallet wood remains untreated. Hi Jana, I would not use Chinese pallets for a bed are a lot of them are treated with chemical products, you should avoid them for indoor use. People use reclaimed wood from old building all the time. 4) For indoor use, know the source and whether they use new or previously-used pallets. Also, we use only untreated or heat treated pallets (look for either a CT stamp or an HT stamp CT means chemically treated; HT means heat treated).

treating pallet wood for indoor use 2This was my attempt at preparing the wood.Pallets are supposedly dangerous depending on what they were used for carrying E.g chemicals, poisons, etc. Pallets can also harbour mould, wood rot, and insects. Some pallets are also chemically treated in certain countries. Using them for the reclaimed wood certainly has its risks (more on that later), but you can’t beat the price (which is usually free). We’ve talked about some the inherent dangers of using them before, so you’ve probably know that pallets are often treated with chemicals the type you don’t want anywhere near you or your children, or in your house. The HT on the above board means it’s been heat treated, or kiln dried. This is the safer kind. I use pallet wood indoors myself and don’t go to all that trouble.

Pallets having suffered some wind, weather and rough treatment should be avoided, often being broken, filthy or moldy, they’re not worth the work to get them dry, clean and brite (if its even possible). Think pallets made of engineered wood and cardboard might be a better option? Think again; they’re oftentimes loaded with formaldehyde. Has Nick’s rant changed your opinion of pallets used in interior decor? Better care should be taken to select the products used to treat the wood after all they contain chemicals. Roundup: 10 Indoor Plants With Serious Style. Even a brand new wood pallet could be treated with chemicals. We did some research to figure out how we can assure that you can use a wood pallets safely.

Pallet Cleaning

At a glance, wood pallets are ugly, cheap wood that most people wouldn’t bother using for kindling, let alone make a table out of one. Pallets take a bit of work to tear apart, and since they’re often treated with chemicals you need to use a mask when you’re sawing into them. That said, pallets are still excellent for outdoor projects, and if you can get a good idea of their history they’re useful indoors too. Wood pallets are a great, sometimes even free, material to use for your DIY and craft projects, and you can transform their look just by painting them. If the pallet has been kiln dried it will be marked with an HT for heat treated, which is safer than those not kiln dried. For indoor furniture, You want to stay away from the painted ones, or the ones that have the green/grey tinge associated with pressure treated wood. Some wood pallets used to be treated with dangerous chemicals to kill pests and disease. Pallets without this stamp (left) probably aren’t a safe choice for indoor walls or surfaces where you might sit or eat. Don’t use pallet wood for food-related items, children’s toys, or children’s play furniture. You could also suspend the pallet porch swing from a tree, or even an indoor ceiling. Wood shipping pallets often start out in a fairly sanitary state. In addition to potentially harmful chemicals used to make or treat the pallets, any potentially noxious chemicals that are shipped ON the pallets could result in out-gassing anytime afterward. Thanks for the info Nick, it was informative and I will not use a pallet to make indoor furniture however you undid what at first appeared to be real concern when you started making comments like real designers/home professionals are available to help them You sound like you have a DIY chip on your shoulder.

Preparing Pallets: Cleaning And Processing

Even if your wood pallet is heat treated, it can grow mold after one day left out in the rain. Why not use scrap pallet wood to frame a compost bin or another eyesore in your backyard? Or, fence off a section of your yard using pieces of wood from pallets. What if they were sanded, stained, and varnished would they still be harmful for indoor use? Why Keeping Treated Wood Materials Indoors Can be a Bad Idea. She had shown several homes recently that she suspected had used treated wood materials from telephone poles and cross ties as rustic accents. Some wooden pallets have been treated with chemicals, so DIY-ers should pay attention to the wood source. Furniture from heat treated wood pallets. Are pallets safe to reuse? What every pallet buyer needs to know about heat treating.

I have two big projects coming up that use reclaimed wood that I am SO EXCITED to share with you!. I have a few pallets I want you use for projects indoors, so it would be nice to know they were really clean. Ugh! It seems as though everything I read says to treat the wood with costly pesticide glaze type thingys. I’m fairly new to making stuff so this would mostly be scrap wood that I would do some test builds with. However, my step-father warned me that a lot of pallets are chemically treated and aren’t safe for indoor use. Both the treatment process and the use of treated-products can result in exposure to pesticides for both people and the environment. Indoor applications of creosote are prohibited as well as application to wood intended for use in interiors or for use in contact with food, feed, or drinking water. Also check to see if the pallet was pressure treated, they will have an odd green tint to them if they were. Never use pressure treated wood indoors and use with discretion outdoors.