Treating Teak Garden Furniture (DIY Project Download)

High quality teak furniture is a significant investment. You want it to look the best it can. So if you’ve recently purchased some to outfit your patio, you may be wondering:. Teak patio furniture is the highest quality outdoor furniture you can find. It’s also very easy to care for. Teak wood has special qualities that make it ideal for outdoor use. Teak is used for making boats, furniture, and other things which require resistance to the elements. Teak is used for outdoor furniture but is not recommended for full exposure to the sun. Oiling teak does not prevent the wood from graying, and often results in mold and mildew growing on the furniture. Removing mold and mildew on the surface requires washing the furniture with bleach and soap followed by sanding.

treating teak garden furniture 2Oiling teak regularly will preserve its original golden brown appearance. Note that oil is not recommended for outdoor teak furniture or furniture in damp environments, as the oil encourages mildew growth. Tips on how to keep your teak garden furniture clean and appealing with minimal effort. Check out Country Casual’s teak care guide and find the best teak treatment option that is right for you. Clean Teak Outdoor Furniture with Single Step Teak Cleaner.

(to learn more, see this garden furniture guide) Grade A, fully machine made teak furniture is expensive to manufacture and therefore expensive to buy. Generally, you can buy our Teak Garden Furniture in one of two conditions:Fine sandedOiled with Teak Oil. If you buy your furniture already oiled with teak oil it will have a darker than normal mid brown color and a soft sheen. Cleaning Teak Furniture: The cleaning teak furniture page has info that can make your old and antique furniture look new and stylish.

How To Oil Teak Furniture: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Teak is an extremely durable wood and naturally requires little maintenance or care, making it an ideal material for outdoor patio furniture. It is typically sold in one of two conditions: finely sanded in it’s natural form and treated with teak oil. Sometimes a nice set of wooden furniture gets a rough treatment outdoors. Teak has a lot of oil in it naturally which is why it stands up so well to outside use but also means you want to be careful when you refinish. Just about all quality teak furniture brands advise against treating teak garden furniture. But there are two ways to keep it looking like new if you prefer the original golden brown colour over the greyish one. I have a whole load of teak garden furniture that I bought about ten years ago, Aside of wiping it with teak oil a little while after buying it, it has largely been neglected for the last few years. By preparing and cleaning your drab, grey garden furniture you can transform your garden into the perfect area to entertain during the summer months. Cuprinol Garden Furniture Stain Teak Oil penetrates into the wood, replacing the natural oils lost through weathering. Most garden furniture needs some care and protection over the winter. Among the woods commonly used are: teak, courbaril, roble, cumaru, iroko and eucalyptus, all of which contain high levels of natural oils.

Teak Furniture Care And Buying Advice

Ann purchased a used teak outdoor table from the online classified ad website Craigslist. But it needs some tender loving care. CLICK here for cleaning. Teak cleaning made easy with superb results! I have some teak garden furniture that looks well past its best, it had gone all grey (I know it’s supposed to go that colour) but I hated it and was thinking of putting it on Ebay and buying something cheaper that I could replace easily when it was worn. Teak is a workable wood with an appealing honey tone that makes it an attractive material for outdoor furniture. It normally doesn’t need any other protection from the elements than its own. Teak requires little care and maintenance. Why? Teak offers a high oil content, tight grain and durable strength, making it the preferred wood for outdoor applications such as in shipbuilding and patio furniture.

Outdoor teak furniture furniture does not require much care. It is very easy to maintain, and these tips will help you along. Why are Teak type hardwoods always the first choice for outdoor use (boats, ships, outdoor furniture)? These immensely stable timbers have a natural high oil and rubber content, a built-in water repellent which makes it virtually immune to rotting & gives them a lifetime of use.