Treating Teak Patio Furniture (DIY Project Download)

Though we previously disassembled and stored the furniture each winter, the last two years we’ve been a bit more lax with the care of our teak furniture and failed to take it inside. Keep your outdoor furniture looking like new with patio furniture cleaner from Crate and Barrel. Browse our variety of products and shop online. Golden Care Teak Wood Cleaner Sale 22.00 reg. Sometimes a nice set of wooden furniture gets a rough treatment outdoors. However, some materials like teak could be heavy especially in their bulky form.

treating teak patio furniture 2Learn about outdoor furniture refinishing and the highest quality teak cleaning products by Golden Care, Kingsley-Bate and Gloster. What is the best way to restore outdoor teak furniture to the original or better looking color? Teak is so beautiful when it has not been weathered. I suppose the best thing to do is sand it all down, and then apply teak oil to it. So it’s really a good idea to choose your garden furniture with great care, to ensure it looks good and stays serviceable for as long as possible. Many people consider that there is nothing to beat teak patio furniture, for both beauty and durability.

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Bringing Teak Outdoor Furniture Back From The Brink