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Mostly I use just a picture to build the model by creating my own drawings. I ended on wikipedia where you can find a picture of an impressive model of a trebuchet and decided to build one with my kids. I have some videos i’ll try to upload. PBS LearningMedia Video for Social Studies, Science for 6-12. As part of their design process, the engineers use models to help evaluate how well their designs will work. Imagine you’re in the Middle Ages and preparing to lay siege to a castle that looks like, say, Burruss Hall. In that case, you’d want to employ a trebuchet, the more efficient and much more accurate cousin of the catapult.

trebuchet model video 2Resembling medieval siege engines, trebuchets pack a huge punch. Mike Senese explains how they work and the science of the trebuchet chunk! Related Videos. Videos of Big Trebuchets in action. I have a playlist on youtube with a whole series of trebuchet and catapult videos right here: Siege Engines you can make from popsicle stick sized to behemoth backyard monsters. Model Rocket Store Siege Engine Store R/C Airplanes Store Swords. A tutorial with pictures and blueprints on how to make a very big trebuchet. I do have a youtube video showing me firing this thing off. Model Rocket Store Siege Engine Store R/C Airplanes Store Swords.

There are 139 videos about trebuchet on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Work at Lansing, Michigan’s Impression 5 Science Center with real kids engineering different trechubet models to determine which design will throw things the farthest. Trebuchet engineering project: use hand calculations, simulations, or experiments to investigate what factors can increase the range of a trebuchet. A computer simulation of a trebuchet allows you to rapidly check how different parameters (like the mass of the counterweight) affect the range of the trebuchet, and makes it easier to include things that are difficult to model in hand calculations, like friction. A video tutorial for using Autodesk Inventor to simulate a trebuchet.


trebuchet model video 3Pumpkin Catapult. How far can a pumpkin fly? Leave it to these catapult builders to find out. 02:42. Rare Amazon Jungle Dog Caught on Video News. Demonstration of how trebuchets work. Testing of the the model trebu. Views: 1,595. Smite your enemies with my latest LEGO model, the might Trebuchet! You should be able to tell from the video how they are used. The length of the sling should be about the same as the upper part of the throwing arm. I LIKE IT Next Video. The Pennypult is a toy trebuchet with a unique design. It’s small, powered by pennies, and effortless to construct. Virtual Trebuchet is a free web based trebuchet simulator. A video with a simple explanation of how and trebuchet works. On Thingiverse you can download all kinds of CAD designs including many trebuchet models.

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Will’s pick this week is Design Oriented Trebuchet Model with SimMechanics by James Allison. We’ve all been there: wanting the glory of owning a trebuchet.