Triangle Shaped Closet (DIY Project Download)

triangle shaped closet 1

I’ve gotten all my different types of products into bins (or shoe boxes) but because of the odd shaped closet, things aren’t very accessible and I don’t like it. It had a very odd feature (a triangle-shaped nook) that I don’t know what to do with. I’ve got this strange triangular closet in my hallway at the new house I’ve just moved into. What about screwing several pieces of 1 x 2 horizontally into the studs for support and cutting full-width triangle shaped shelving?

triangle shaped closet 2So, while our upstairs hall closet is designed to be a linen closet, it kind of functions as a storage area for a lot of things that we use upstairs. Wow Melissa. A triangle shaped closet would be a challenge. Glamorous closet features vaulted ceiling over wall-to-wall built-in wardrobes fitted with mirrored doors stacked between built-in drawers under triangle shaped windows across from closet island placed in front of French bench. For example, he notes, in an L-shaped closet, the back might offer a section for hanging items, while the right side would be for shelving.

Jersey Jumper Peach & Ivory Tie-Dye Midi Dress Welcome to my Closet! The way the hall way is laid out, the two bedroom doors are on an angle and the linen closet in the hall becomes triangle shaped. This bright dress from the Closet BLU collection will complement all body shapes, with a tie waist that brings the waist in and a tulip shaped skirt that defines and flatters the hips.

Organizing My Linen Closet

How to Use a Triangular Corner Space to Build a Closet. Don’t neglect unused space in your home. If you’ve got a spare corner, put it to work with a corner closet. Maintaining a closet organized is hard work, especially when you’re not exactly the type that likes to have a special place for everything. You’ll have to glue the hooks to the underside of the hanger forming a sort of triangle-shaped structure. This closet is an odd shape (the shelves are a triangle shape and corner in the back) so I was able to fit a lot more blankets on the floor by turning them sideways. Traditional rustic triangle-shaped corner stand. It’s wooden with a distressed brown finish. It has a top waterfall glass door cabinet, a bottom full door cabinet, 2 small and 1 large drawers as well as an open shelf in the centre.

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