Truck Bed Sliding Drawer (DIY Project Download)

truck bed sliding drawer 1

This is my truck bed drawers i made. this was not my idea, many people have made these but there is no instructable. so here it is. these drawers are great i load the heavy with tools and they still work great. A Bed Cargo Slide will help you reach everything you put in your truck bed with ease. Turns your entire truck bed into a sliding drawer. No more crawling on your hands and knees. Award winning cargo drawer systems. CARGO BED ACCESSORIES. With numerous models to choose from there is sure to be a truck slide that fits your needs.

truck bed sliding drawer 2Product Description – Invoice – 40: Bedslide Cargo System. Product Description – Short – 20: BEDSLIDE 1000 75×48. Title: BEDSLIDE Truck Bed Drawer System. Decked Truck Bed Drawers and Van Bed Drawers and Organizers DECKED Storage System Free Shipping! DECKED revolutionizes truck bed storage and organization with an innovative, weatherproof and ergonomic solution for every full size pickup truck owner. If you love travelling and camping, this do-it-yourself truck bed is a must have! He turned his ordinary pickup truck into an ‘adventure truck’ with a slick roll-out storage system. I used 1×1 square tubing for the drawer slide.

I have been looking around at the in bed sliding drawers and was wondering if anyone has made one, or has any ideas as far as making the slides. In this pic the Bobcat is slide all the way into the truck bed.

Bed Slide

truck bed sliding drawer 3

Truck Bed Drawer Slide