Truck Tool Box Installation (DIY Project Download)

First of all, after installing the toolbox in the bed of the truck, inspect the opening & closing of the toolbox lid. All pickup trucks have difference in beds, from side to side, from the factory. For my birthday I recieved a tool box for my truck. It is a DeeZee diamond plated box with a lid on each side. They probably have all the info for you there as to mounting and any options. Built with you in mind Dee Zee Side Mount Tool Boxes can be used alone or with a Crossover Box to enhance storage needs.

truck tool box installation 2The Challenger Black series of storage and truck tool boxes are construction grade boxes that are built to last. Challenger Black side mount truck bed tool boxes add plenty of storage space without taking up much bed space!Challenger Chests by DeflectaShield AluminumDeflectaShield truck bed storage boxes are made to fit most trucks. MOUNTING TO PICK-UP TRUCK TOOL BOX. First of all, if the antenna being used is a standard ground-plane dependent antenna, the toolbox MUST be grounded to the vehicle. Please feel free to make use of the BAKBox-2 tonneau tool boxes installation instructions below to assist you with the installation of your BAKBox2 tonneau tool box.

Deflectashield Tool Boxes

truck tool box installation 3