Truck Tool Box Mounting J Hooks (DIY Project Download)

truck tool box mounting j hooks 1

J hooks from home depot work nicely. don’t go drilling your baby! I have also heard that mounting them straight to the bed can cause the box to bend and distort(plus no one wants holes in the bed). Put some rubber or something in between the box and the plastic rail and you have a toolbox. Open the tool box to expose the interior. From underneath the box, inset the hook the j-bolt under the bed rail and poke the threaded part through the rubber plug. The truck has a bedliner in it and I do not want to cut it to use J hooks. Truck is a 98 silverado (if that helps) Please include pics if you have them -.

truck tool box mounting j hooks 2I want to mount my cross over truck box without drilling holes in my side rails. My brother has a tool box mounted with J-hooks and his Dakota. From beneath the toolbox, position the hook of the j-bolt under the bed rail. Take rubber plugs and fix them on the threaded part. Place the nuts in position and use a pair of pliers to fix them tightly. What kind of bolts, washers should I use to install my tool box in the back of my truck? do I have to drill holes?.

Find Dee Zee Toolbox Mounting Kit, 3 in. W x 8 in. L x 3 in. H in the Aluminum Truck BoxesTruck Box Accessory Brand: Dee Zee Finish: Alumi. Dee Zee Tool Box Accessories – Upgraded mounting kit for crossover toolboxes. I just bought a new 2014 Silverado a couple of days ago and want to transfer my low profile toolbox over from my previous truck. They have a J bolt that hooks under the bed rail.

Mount Truck Box Drilling?

Trying to make up my mind which box to buy and I’d rather not drill if I can avoid it. There is also a kit you can purchase that clamps the tool box to the underside of the bed rail, so no drilling or J hooks. Hey guys, I drive a Tundra, and recently got a UWS toolbox. It came with 2 J hooks that I promptly installed just to get the box mounted. Westin’s HDX CrossOver Tool Box is designed to mount closely to the back of the truck cab and span the width of the truck bed from rail to rail. DZ 97904 Dee Zee Tool Box Mounting Clamps J-Hook Tie Down 13. Secures any Crossover Tool Box. Fits all makes and models of trucks. I’m finally getting around to buying a toolbox for my Titan and want to install it with the J-hooks so that I don’t kave to screw anything into the. I haven’t had a chance to go and set one of these on my truck.

Dee Zee Toolbox Mounting Kit, 3 In. W X 8 In. L X 3 In. H