Turn Closet Into Gun Safe (DIY Project Download)

I have a very small house and a large safe isnt something my wife or I really want to look at every day. He turned an un-used closet into a gun locker by putting a keyed dead bolt lock on the door. I’m wanting to convert one of my internal closets into a gun closet. I realize that I can’t build a vault but what can I do to make a safe-like closet? Hard to make a closet into a vault. Without extensive work and money. She said i could have the closet in the extra bedroom for my guns its 4′ deep 5′ wide and 8′ tall.

turn closet into gun safe 2Turning an existing room or closet into a safe room, security vault, or gun closet is possible by using modular steel panels that are assembled from the inside of the room with not welding. Well, a bit of a thought I had, I do not have room for a gun safe in my home, though have a small (being cleared out) closet, was wondering if I had built a strong lockable door for it, put down some wood for flooring and drilled a few simply racks into the wall to keep them upright and stacked them side by side, would it work for a good area to store guns in?, it is upstairs and not much moisture in that area. I am in the process of remodeling a house where I intend to spend the rest of my life. I am giving serious thought to turning a closet into a gun safe.

With our modular vaults, one could turn a larger walk in closet or small bedroom into a vault by using modular panels with fireproofing like found on the modular vault and safe room page. I’m considering turning an extra linen closet upstairs into a gun safe. Does anyone have any suggestions? My primary concern is a smash and grab robbery, so a solid door with lock is probably sufficient. Yes, your closet vault disassembles in minutes, so you can easily relocate it to another room to create a different bedroom closet safe or take it with you when you move. The SnapSafe Titan and Little Titan turn any closet into a hidden security vault.

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turn closet into gun safe 3Just so we can keep our minds creative lets convert a walk-in closet in a spare bedroom into a walk-in gun vault. Floor is already made of the concrete home foundation. I have been contemplating converting a hall closet into a gun locker. There are companies that make doors that fit into closets that are like little safes. A Reliable Closet Gun Safe To Store Your Weapon Secured: Diy Gun Safe In Closet. I have two firearms in MA: a 20 gauge O/U and a S&W 686. I have more space (and less laws), or turn my man room closet into a gun safe.

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