Turn Coffee Table Into Lego Table (DIY Project Download)

Cool Compact Lack Lego Play Table Ikea Hackers Table Lack Ikea Table Lack Ikea Lack coffee table black brown x. How to Turn a Coffee Table into a Lego Table. The kind people at Wayfair asked if I would participate in a challenge. I said sure and they sent me this fun coffee table and a gift card for my DIY project! before coffee table. You can, however, make a functional, good-looking Lego table by upcycling a piece of furniture you already have, or tracking one down at a thrift store or garage sale. Coffee tables, end tables, side tables, and play tables make great candidates for upcycling into a Lego table especially when they re already equipped with room for storing all those tiny pieces.

turn coffee table into lego table 2However those rounded corners come in handy when you are trying to make a Lego table and looking for something with soft corners for a rambunctious boy. It was skanky and the neighborhood was sketchville but it was just the piece I was looking for to make a Lego table. We just found this crazy-amazing 80s coffee table makeover from Infarrantly Creative that created an awesome low LEGO table. He got over playing Thomas trains and got so interested in Legos that we converted his train table into a lego table. My hubster bought (I believe) 12 lego mats and glued them on top of the table. Assemble LACK coffee table as per Ikea instructions, and place container into the cutout. Place red MDF tabletop into place on the LACK table. Then measure diagonally 15mm from the cutout corners and drill holes.

Refurbished coffee table, you will see the one I am replacing for I would like my living room a country setting. This is because even if the Legos would make it back into the bags, and that is a big IF, my son tends to take his Legos from room to room. Finding the perfect Lego storage/play area is not easy. I could not find anything that fit my needs so I created my own Lego table for both creativity and containment. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. How it Works New Instructable.

Diy Lego Table Transformation

And while I’m building a lego table for my daughter, I’m also going to build a coffee table for myself. In mere seconds, you can go from kid table, to scraping all those tiny legos directly into a storage bin, flip it over, and you are back to sophisticated living space. Barn’s Benchwright Table (like the one shown above), read on, it’s a super easy modification to make the above lego table. It was an awkward sort of table and very dated, but when inexpensive furniture presents itself to me, I buy immediately and ask questions later. Grab a cup of coffee, or if you’re like me, a cup of tea. Once upon a time there was an Ikea coffee table. This is a story of a coffee table’s journey to becoming a Lego table. (if you want to skip the tale, jump to the bottom for instructions on how to turn a coffee table into a Lego table). Let us show you how to upcycle an old coffee table into a Lego table. It only takes stepping on a Lego with a bare foot, once to know that it is pretty much the worst pain ever! I spent the better part of the middle of that night, surfing Ikea’s site for the perfect coffee table to use. I found THIS ONE that had a shelf and it seemed perfect. They make the perfect perch to sit on while creating and even Mr. Fancy and I find them comfy to sit on! Ikea Hack: DIY Lego Table // Fancy Ashley. Teddy was so excited when he walked into the playroom and saw the table, that he kissed it! Ha! Here are 12 genius LEGO table hacks to create a homemade LEGO table!


Check out these fun DIY Lego Table projects and keep an eye out at your local yard sales or craigslist. For only a few bucks you can transform a regular end table or coffee table into a work station for your lego lover! Kids Tables With Storage. in Tables. These tables are certainly a nice thing for most kids. Thanks to this collection, you will have a unique chance to get to know a very wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns on such kids’ tables with storage functions. Transform an ordinary LACK table into a lego table. Build a cool rustic coffee table with plenty of hidden storage.