Turn Coffee Table Into Tufted Ottoman (DIY Project Download)

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Begin by dividing your surface into sections and drawing lines along the width of the table top. Hi, I’m Abbie from Five days..5 ways! Want to take a junky old coffee table and transform it into a gorgeous tufted ottoman that’s way easier on the eyes and your kiddo’s soft skin? I did! Here’s how:. I love the idea of using a large tufted ottoman as a coffee table.

turn coffee table into tufted ottoman 2Thrift Store Coffee Table -turned- DIY Tufted Ottoman. I had been looking for an old table to turn into an ottoman and this one was perfect! Brooke from Inside Out Design is sharing how to turn an old coffee table into a tufted ottoman. It takes a little work, but transforming an old coffee table with some foam and fabric can make add a beautiful element to your existing living room space. This method is easier if you’re working alone to make a headboard or ottoman. First, just shove the extra fabric into the button hole to see what you’re working with.

Want to take a junky old coffee table and turn it into something fab? (If you want to see another good example of a coffee table cum tufted ottoman with slightly less intense tufting, check out The Little Green Notebook’s version here). I already had this coffee table, but you could easily find one like this on Craigslist or maybe you already have one around the house. If you are going to want to add tufting to your ottoman, go ahead and figure out the placement of the buttons. I have an end table that I am going to make into an ottoman with your instructions. After reading several blogs about turning a coffee table into an ottoman, I decided to jump on in and make one for myself. Next, I needed to mark where my tufting and buttons were going to go.

Thrift Store Coffee Table -turned- Diy Tufted Ottoman

Watch this HGTV video where Casey Noble demonstrates how to turn an old, outdated coffee table into an upholstered ottoman. Then we were just going to upholster the entire top of the coffee table; Home Depot cut the plywood into two large squares for us so all Anthony had to do was cut off the corners to get the octagon shape we needed. Turn a beat-up, glass-top coffee table into an upholstered ottoman. A year came and went and I was married and coffee table-less. I began looking online at gorgeous tufted ottomans. I bought a desk at a thrift store to turn into a bench for the entry and I’ll def be coming back to this post for directions Thanks hun!. Turn an outdated coffee table into a contemporary tufted ottoman. Turn a coffee table into an ottoman by adding upholstery foam and fabric. For a tufted ottoman, drill holes in the table surface where the buttons will go.

Diy Tufted Ottoman

I looked at the blog post behind the pin, looked at my coffee table, looked at the picture, looked at my coffee table. I started the tufting in the center and just pushed the fabric into the hole with my fingers. It makes me want to turn my coffee table into an ottoman! Using one of my favorite fabrics I turned a vintage coffee table into a tufted ottoman. Here’s a quick recap of the inspiration board for the room (to see the before photos and painting project, check out this post):. + a little DIY turns a penny pincher’s thrifted coffee table into a design fan’s perfect ottoman.

There are a lot of great DIY tutorials out there on how to turn a coffee table into an upholstered, tufted ottoman, so rather than walk you through how we upholstered and tufted the top of the table, we’ll point you to the tutorials we followed and walk you through the how-to that we think is new how to upholster the legs of a coffee table with the same fabric used on the top. FB yardsale purchase of a round coffee table gave me a vision of something else. round coffee table turns into tufted ottoman, painted furniture, reupholster. He placed the top on the base and drilled 5 holes into the new plywood top all the way through the base. This coffee table turned tufted ottoman is now a focal point for my client’s living room. How to Make a Tufted Ottoman from a Coffee Table. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to turn a plain-jane coffee table into a beautiful tufted ottoman!