Turn Regular Bed Into Platform (DIY Project Download)

A platform bed tends to have a minimalist design, and can make a room feel more open, as these beds often lack head or foot boards and can be lower than a typical bed. Screw them into place from the inside with more wood screws. I’m guessing that I could lay down some wooden slats to basically turn the metal frame into a platform bed. Any suggestions or advice about doing this and anyone know whether this would work? ETA: Just to explain, making a platform bed would allow us to push our futon frame right nest to it and convert to a family bed. Converting a Box Spring into a Platform Bed. I figured reupholstering it and adding legs could turn it into a platform bed. Making a Headboard.

turn regular bed into platform 2I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to make a platform bed using the head board that I already have. I don’t know if a new box spring would work for us so we have been looking into converting the bed to a platform bed. These braces are really what’s holding everything together without them the frame would be a wobbly mess and we’d be knockin’ on heaven’s door every time we got into bed. But I think I do- you want to know if you can convert your existing head and footboard, which use a metal frame, into a platform bed, using the same. Basically, you’re making a box for the bottom, and then you’re going to top it with some sort of panel material, like plywood or MDF or something similar.

The sleek lines and compact design of a platform bed suit a variety of interiors. Witness this all for yourself with our roundup of DIY platform beds you can make in a weekend. You can add functionality to this form by making the platform about six inches wider than your mattress; the extra space becomes a sort of nightstand for odds and ends. Turn basic IKEA cabinets and dressers into multi-functional platform beds: you get both beds and storage in the same footprint. This bed’s platform surface is made up of four upholstered deck inserts rather than slats. Is that a bad idea? Are slats absolutely necessary to let the bottom of the mattress breathe?. Then I flipped it over and put this platform into the bed rails.

Converting A Traditional Bed Frame To A Platform Bed

You can build this wooden platform bed in literally 3 steps. It had to be normal bed height, without using a box spring, it had to be sturdy, and it had to be pretty. That is where the giant wall panel comes into play. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Foundation for Queen-size memory foam bed from basic frame. Uncheck for normal comment. I started by making all of my cuts for my top and bottom frame. I took your platform bed and made a few design changes to make it into 12 drawer captains bed for my 8 year old. Bedroom Storage: Making the Most of the Under-Bed Space. There are two basic ways such storage can be done: with drawers or shelves along the base, or with a platform that lifts up to provide storage underneath. I realize most platform beds sit lower and have more of a modern look. Make the best of that unused under-bed space with one of these stylish hydraulic lift beds which are available in a variety of styles and upholstery choices. These really come into play when looking at a lesser-known bed, the hydraulic lift bed. The bed has the appearance of a normal bed (usually it looks like any platform bed), but if you look more closely you will see either a wood platform or a slat support system running above the frame of the bed and below the mattress, secured to the bed.

Diy Platform Bed