Turn Table Into Ottoman (DIY Project Download)

Brooke from Inside Out Design is sharing how to turn an old coffee table into a tufted ottoman. It takes a little work, but transforming an old coffee table with some foam and fabric can make add a beautiful element to your existing living room space. From an old kithen table (or coffee table) — Make It and Love It. I had been looking for an old table to turn into an ottoman and this one was perfect! It had glass in it but I’d already removed it and the framework underneath when I took this photo. (you can see some of the old framework in the photo).

turn table into ottoman 2Upholstery basics: boxed ottoman. When selecting a coffee table, make sure you get something sturdy enough to sit on. 1. Let’s start by padding the table. It’s best to staple the Dacron into the wood at the bottom of the sides instead of underneath the table top. This method is easier if you’re working alone to make a headboard or ottoman. Starting in one corner of the ottoman, poke the fabric down into the button hole. Rather than paying top dollar for an ottoman that suits your tastes, make your own from old or unwanted tables. An ottoman upcycling project is an ideal way to give new life to old furniture or thrift store finds, while bringing a stylistic touch to your home.

We’ve seen IKEA coffee tables customized dozens of different ways. They can be retextured, studded, and even given heavy marble tops. But this hack takes it in a different direction and turns one coffee table into an upholstered ottoman. Follow these steps to make your own for a fraction of the cost of a store-bought one! To give the ottoman a tufted look, staple right down through the fabric, batting and foam into the table top at the place where you want the buttons to go. What an impressive way to repurpose a coffee table. Your DIY skills don’t have to be legendary to make this ottoman. Great tutorials go a long way and this proves it. If there is an old table laying about and if your space needs something new, definitely try this!.

Upholstery Basics: Boxed Ottoman

Brooke, of Inside-Out Design, is an enthusiastic decorator with an eye for creating comfortable and aesthetically pleasing home atmospheres. Here’s a DIY on a really fantastic project she took on to complement her living room seating arrangement. Take an ugly coffee table and transform it into a DIY ottoman! Save SO much on making a custom piece of furniture!! Want to take a junky old coffee table and turn it into something fab? I wanted to make my ottoman extra-cushy, but foam is expensive, y’all, so let me give you a super-helpful hint: Hobby Lobby pretty much always has a 40 off coupon (you probably already knew that), AND they have 1 foam that comes in 39 X78 lengths for 19. Turning Side Tables Into Benches At The End Of The Bed Young House Love.

Before & After: Ikea Lack Coffee Table To Upholstered Ottoman Ikea Hackers