Turning A Closet Into A Gun Safe (DIY Project Download)

turning a closet into a gun safe 1

I’m wanting to convert one of my internal closets into a gun closet. I have no illusions that this will be a safe replacement so don’t want to have that debate. Hey, has anyone ever built a vault out of a closet. I built a house with an extra closet that I had intended on siding a gun safe into. Lately I’ve been thinking about just lining the inside with several overlapping layers of tile back board and then 1/8 sheet steel, cover the inside steal seams with 1 1/4 angle iron and weld the seams up. Build a closet gun safe vault in a closet or pantry. Some number of kids in that class may turn out to be criminals in a few years, and their parents already may be.

turning a closet into a gun safe 2Just bought a lock for the hall/walk in closet yesterday. And, I do need a gun room, or at least, a walk-in gun closet. Building a room in the basement or converting a closet would be too easy for someone to get into. Makes a good, poor-man’s gun safe, and made to be tamper proof.

Has Anyone Converted A Closet To Gun Storage?

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