Turning Drawers Into Shelves (DIY Project Download)

turning drawers into shelves 1

DIY dresser drawers into shelves. Plan: buy old dresser. Use drawers for this. Paint/redo main dresser and turn into bookshelf. You’re welcome.-shadow box. A lot of great ideas for turning old dresser drawer into fantastic looking shelves. We even have some before and after pictures of this DIY project from Shades of Grey. Remove the drawers, add plywood or MDF to create shelves where needed, and you have a cute little bookshelf.

turning drawers into shelves 2I got this idea after we turned some drawers from an old dresser into out door planters. (Sadly that instructable was not made) The Idea here is to turn the drawer upside down and use the bottom as a shelf. After the sanding and priming marathon was over, I brought the dresser, drawers, and shelf pieces inside to paint them. I did two coats in all. Check out this wonderfully fun and unique idea to use that old dresser you are not needing anymore! See how Katie turned the drawers into adorable drawer shelves for her walls!!.

I wish I would have taken more before pictures, including one with the drawers, but as you can see it was pretty beat up & not worth saving for use as a dresser. I hope you like my dresser turned into craft organizing shelves for our office! It’s one of my favorite projects ever, just because it gives me that joy of being organized & clutter free!. Dumpsed Dresser? Don’t stress out, learn how to change up a dresser without drawers and turn into shelving. Use all natural CeCe Caldwell’s paints. Old Chest Of Drawers Turned Into A Bookcase. I’m going to look for one at our church yard sale this month. Good idea with baskets in the bathroom for extra storage.

Turning An Old Drawer Into A Decorative Shelf

There are a few way to turn a chest of drawers into a bookshelf cabinet. You can use the chest cabinet as a ready-made structure and just add shelves, or you can turn the drawers on their sides to get to a modular, modern look as wall-mounted singular shelf units. In my tiny kitchen, this turned out to be a very easy space saving solution. The roller frame screws into the cabinet shelf and then the drawer attaches to the frame. A few of my favorites are the Upcycled Corkboard and the Under Bed Storage. Now today we are taking these drawers and turning them into shelving. It’s really pretty simple!. was converted to a very useful under the bed storage drawer under my dad’s bed. Wow! Great idea! I’ve seen people turn old drawers into storage like this but not a whole bookshelf! Craft Expert Maihia Makiha is giving old furniture a new lease on life and shows how to turn wooden drawers into decorate shelves for displaying your treasures on TV show Whanau Living. At least keep the drawers. If they’re still solid and in good shape, you can repurpose them into a bookcase. Put them together like pieces of a puzzle but not before you redesign them.

Dresser To Shelves

ShelfPack is a revolutionary new roller suitcase that turns into a chest of drawers upon arrival. Instead of stuffing your T-shirts and socks into any available space, ShelfPack comes with four built-in shelves to help you keep organised. Remove a few drawers and the bottom support on one side of the dresser, and you’ve got a desk. Dresser turned into a desk. Turn the dresser drawers into unique wall shelves. I decided to turn them into unique wall storage shelves, that look beautiful, and make a great place to hold remote controls and decorative items.