Under Cabinet Puck Light Spacing (DIY Project Download)

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Puck Lights are perhaps the most common under cabinet lighting fixture. FWIW, we used seagull under cab lights and are really pleased with them. This instructable is going to show you how I created my DIY under cabinet lighting for less than 120 and yet achieved professional results better than every commercially available system I was able to see in person. In designing my setup I was able to cross off the typical halogen puck lights almost immediately. I experimented quite a bit and decided that the best light was when the LEDs were spaced evenly apart under the cabinets about 12 on center.

under cabinet led tape light kit 2When installing under cabinet lights, follow these guidelines to determine how many fixtures you should purchase. For a 6-10 inch cavity measurement (in length), use 1 puck light. For general under cabinet lighting applications we recommend spacing the lampholders every 6 on center. This will allow for an even dispertion of light unlike traditional puck lighting that give pools of light and do not illuminate evenly onto kitchen counters and back splashes. Under cabinet LED kitchen lighting has flexible installing options such as a plugin, puck lighting and linkable, most of them have dimming options. Recessed Lighting Spacing.

Install under-cabinet lighting in order to improve the workability and appearance of your kitchen. Spots, also known as puck lights, create pools of light that if spaced too far apart, may leave some areas in the dark. Depending on the style of under-cabinet light you choose, either a puck or a fluorescent linear light fixture, you should measure to find the correct location and size of fixture to install to improve the look and function of your kitchen. Measure the distance inside the recessed area from the front of the cabinet to the back of the cabinet to obtain the cabinet depth. Are you looking for information about LED puck lights and under cabinet kitchen LED lighting installations? Dolce Electric Company schedules local in-office Mesa AZ electricians that you can consult with at no cost. When used as kitchen under cabinet lighting the spacing should be between 8 inches and 12 inches apart.

How Many Under Cabinet Lights Do I Need?

How to Install Under-Cabinet Puck Lights. Puck lights are small circular lights mounted in housings that can be placed underneath shelves or cabinets. Under-cabinet lighting is designed to provide working and accent lighting, so the light fixtures should be spaced closely enough to illuminate the area with a consistent and even lighting. Spaced 25 to 30 inches apart, under-cabinet lights prevent you from working in your own shadow. You’ll find two basic formats for under-cabinet fixtureslight bars and pucks. 4 Feet) Spool, 12VDC Input (Adapter not included) target _blank LED tape which is a very thin tape with tiny LED lights spaced very close together and are very low profile and don’t require a light valance because they are about 1/16 thick (or less). The best choice for under cabinet lighting is our LED under-cabinet fixtures. In this application, the effect of the light is more important than the lumen output, so equal spacing should be a priority in order to provide the most even flow of light. To install LED or xenon under cabinet lighting pucks, the cabinet bottoms are simply drilled out (whatever spacing you prefer) with the correct size hole saw bit recommended by the manufacturer (the hole saw can be attached to an ordinary cordless drill). Puck lights are small, round lights, linear lights are on a track with lights spaced along it and strip lights are rectangular fixtures with a long tube bulb. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of space to install lights; puck lights for example are small and may be all you need for some applications.

Installing Under-cabinet Lighting

Installing under cabinet lighting or inside cabinet lighting in your kitchen has many benefits. Proper spacing of under cabinet lighting eliminates the dark shadows under your countertops. Puck lights work with LED, halogen and xenon bulbs. Spacing is important with this style of under-cabinet lighting. I typically recommend one puck light for every 8-12 inches of cabinet space, but every scenario is different. You can also position puck lights towards the backsplash for more of a decorative glow. Question 4: How are people typically installing under cabinet puck lights especially in situations where runs can be long distance or non-consistent distances and would require many extensions? Is there some splicing being done and what type of splicing is allowed (assuming splicing is only allowed in low voltage situations) and how to go about voltage drop and not using the factory connectors? I feel like there has got to be a great way to be able to make whatever length cord you need between pucks but have not discovered a way yet. Recommended maximum spacing between puck lights is 12.