Under Stair Shelves (DIY Project Download)

Stair shelves and unconventional storage spaces around your stairs are clever ways to declutter you home. In this post we will present 30 solutions that could serve as inspiration when it comes to making your crib a bit more functional. Storage spaces and stunning shelves under staircases are no longer an exception as home owners are starting to realize that all that room cannot simply be wasted. Transform that unused space under the stairs into a bookcase.

under stair shelves 2If you’re short on storage space (and who isn’t?), it’s time to think outside the closet. Hiding throughout your home are steal. Take advantage of unused space under the basement stairs with these storage shelves. This shelving system contains shelves that fits in the triangular space under stairs, as well as its extension and matching corner shelf. Guide: put a upper shelf on a base cabinet and then move the assembled shelf to the space under stairs.

Consider under the stairs. IKEA wall storage system with shelves of different widths under a sloping ceiling. Not so with wall shelves. If you have a set of stairs, there’s probably a lot of space underneath that isn’t being utilized. Here’s a way to make your own under the stairs bookcase. Architect David Langston-Jones tucked his office under the stairs of his modern house in Sydney, Australia.

Under Stair Storage

under stair shelves 3When we say staircase storage, they vary in design and style. There are drawers on treads or closets under the stairs. But today, we will show you some shelves that are added under the stairs which is a good way to save space and utilize the area in a good way. Description: The under-stairs area in our house was an awkward cluttered cupboard, but had the potential to be a great storage area in the hallway if it could be repurposed with some clever Ikea hackery. I created a 3D model of our staircase and the full Expedit shelf unit in SolidWorks, then modified both of them to work out where I should cut down the Expedit, and get a feel for how the thing would look when done. Closet: One of the simplest and most common under-stairs storage solutions, a closet can be lined with shelves and equipped with wire organizers to provide an abundance of organizational space. With some clever ideas given below, you can turn your useless under stair space into shelving units that are perfect to tuck away your objects, maximize your space and transform your house into a place, which is highly attractive and easy to clean and maintain. But this gallery focuses on unique staircase designs with shelves and other nooks. Installing under stair shelves is a great way to add inexpensive additional storage space to any home.

Storage Ideas For All Your Odd Spaces

Make an under stair office. under-stair-work-space. One Kind Design. This cutaway shelving has an abstract feel. under-stair-abstract-shelves. Kerr Construction. We want to use space under stairs to the maximum, it is useful for storage ideas such as cabinets, shelves under stairs, or even another room that can be utilized. A less in-your-face idea, each tread of this alternating-tread bookcase/staircase becomes a self-contained storage-and-display shelving unit of its own. Once upon a time we built a house with under stair storage.

When we talk about creative under stairs storage ideas there is no such thing as the right design. Interior staircases have so many different designs. Stair shelves exploit the dead space under staircases by converting it into a useful, yet stylish storage area. Not only can you save enormous amounts of space by having stair shelves installed, you may be pleasantly.