Unregulated Box Mod 26650 (DIY Project Download)

Do You Make This Kind Of Mod? If you DO NOT see the product in our store, then we are not currently selling it. Currently we do not offer these features for the dual 26650. Every unregulated box we sell has a 3034 194AMP mosfet. Squid Box: dual 26650 unregulated series mosfet box mod in Consumer Electronics, Gadgets & Other Electronics, Other Gadgets eBay. 2-26650 8.4v fully charged.07 ohm coil. For anyone wanting to do an unregulated dual battery box mod, you NEED 4AWG copper wire to do 60a.

single 26650 regulated box mod 2Unregulated Part Kits. Dual-26650 MOSFET Box Mod Part Kit. This part kit has been updated to include a new printed circuit board design. Now all you need to do. 12g solid copper throughout the whole box available in red 22mm and 30mm landing green or red led voltmeter built into top of box voltmeter has chrome 16mm switch firing button is 19mm chrome switch voltmeter will only read what battery voltage is. M16A1 & M16A2 Series/Parallel Box Mods by Vaping Veteran’s Supplies LLC.

The Kung Fu v4 Unregulated Box MOD by SMY is powered by either dual 18650s or dual 26650s, providing even further options for customizing battery life. Whether it be a unregulated box or a regulated box mod; here you will find a wide selection of both,. Rare Jackfruit Dual 26650 Box Mod made by Elite. So in an unregulated box mod with dual 18650 batts, in theroy (plese correct me if im wrong) i should be able to run lower than. I personally have never seen either a parallel 26650 mod nor a 32 amp 26650 battery.

Unregulated Part Kits

With this complete kit, you will be able to make your own box mod with dual 26650 batteries. Build your own Box mod in parallel or series. 26650 Box Mod kit 1590B Blue – Motley Mods – 1.

Kung Fu V4 Unregulated Box Mod By Smy (parallel & Series)