Unregulated Box Mod Diy (DIY Project Download)

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So if you are interested in building this exact unregulated box mod that I show you in this video, I do have complete DIY Box Mod Kits available to you. You can find these kits at www. UPDATE: Unregulated kits now come with Custom CNC 1590g Enclosures with Hidden Magnets as well as Varitube Spring Loaded 510 Connectors. Do you love your unregu. Unregulated Part Kits. Dual-18650 MOSFET Box Mod Part Kit. This part kit has been updated to include a new printed circuit board design. Now all you need to.

unregulated box mod diy 2This part kit will allow you to create a Dual-18650 (parallel) MOSFET Box Mod. This kit is very bare-bones, but a beginner should be able to easily fit it in a 1590G Hammond project box. How in all did it end up costing you? My next vape related rpoject is building a box mod. Also can’t you get away with not using fuses, if so. The unregulated box mod danger is real (album in comments) (i. Definitely no MOSFET in the box, so I would assume that there isn’t any other safety features in this thing either (such as an on/off switch to stop the mod from firing when the button is pushed so you can put it in your pocket like this kid did).

-12g copper wire from Home Depot and DIY springs for the battery contacts. I think I might be ok making a dual 18650 unregulated box mod. Finally, got my first unregulated box mod up and running like a horse lol. Was fun putting it together. Mind it, it’s my first mod, I just put it together by hook or crook but it certainly is better than my expectations:DMaterial: Teak Wood. This is a direct alternative for the DIY OKR box mod kit. The Naos Raptor 10A chip is manufactured by GE and delivers up to 60 watts of power with a 10 amp limit.

Dual-18650 Mosfet Box Mod Part Kit

This listing is for a blue themed diy box mod everything kit!Build your own box mod in parallel or series.Hammond 1590g aluminum textured blue box,authentic international rectifier 3034 mosfet,15k 1/. DIY & Modifications. Now I have an unregulated mod that can fire all but my most demanding dripper builds that cost a very modest amount and performs very well. See what items on eBay consist of an interesting DIY Mod Box collection. Dual 18650 unregulated sub ohm LED Fire Red Box mod with voltage meter and 30ml. Drift 3 is a parallel box for the vaping novice, and well adapted for use with the vast majority of atomizers, tanks and RBA’s. Extended battery life and higher. Play and Listen today i start my three video series covering my own personal methods for forging a handmade dual 18650 unregulated box mod all tools can be found at your Diy box mod tutorial. The Tuglyfe Unregulated Box Mod by Flawless features a sleek casing, dual parallel 18650 compatibility, an included custom VapeSox Box Mod Holder, and an integrated MOSFET for maximum durability and safety.

I’m New To Building Mods, But I’d Like To Make A Dual 26650 Box Mod. I’d Appreciate Some Guidance. (more Details Inside)