Unregulated Parallel Box Mod (DIY Project Download)

unregulated parallel box mod 1

I understand that a parallel box mod doubles the amp-hours and also in theory allows twice the amps to be pulled from a box mod. If you have two. Wiring this box mod in parallel will also increase amp limits for safer sub ohm builds. This unregulated box mod is one of the easiest mods to build. Definitely suited for both advance and newbie builders. The Buzzbox Mech is a dual 18650 box mod mechanical mod. Including parallel battery configuration, 14 gauge solid copper wire, low battery protection, spring loaded 510 connector, flame proof ABS plastic housing, and high amp switch.

unregulated parallel box mod 2Unregulated Parallel PCB Box Mod with Reverse Battery Protection and indicator LED’s. – 195 Amp Output FET. – On-board battery clips for reduced voltage drop. Unregulated Box Mods are a type of Mechanical Mod, simply in the form of a box rather than a tube (allowing batteries to be placed in either parallel or series) and therefore categorized separately. Where we try to provide high quality and awesome built box mods for competitive pricing.

Specifications: -Dual 18650 battery configuration in series or parallel. Unregulated Mosfet Dual Parallel 18650 Box Mods in Consumer Electronics, Gadgets & Other Electronics, Other Gadgets eBay. The reason why unregulated box mods tend to use a parallel configuration is because the voltage is still the same as one fully charged battery (in our case, 4.

Unregulated Parallel Pcb Box Mod

unregulated series box mod diagram 3So in an unregulated box mod with dual 18650 batts, in theroy (plese correct me if im wrong) i should be able to run lower than. Very Clean Unregulated Dual Parallel Hammond 1590BBK Box Mod MOSFET Protected eBay More. Presenting The Titan – the first electro-mechanical box mod designed by Silver Steam Vapor and machined by MastMods. The Titan is powered by two 18650s wired in parallel in conjunction with a very powerful Mosfet. This Tuglyfe unregulated boxmod clone was sent to me for the purpose of this review by FocalEcig. With a mosfet protecting the batteries, which are wired in parallel, I can run anything within the limits of my batteries and toot away like a real Tugboat. The Soulless Box Mod is an unregulated dual 18650 box mod hand crafted right here in America. We offer it in both parallel and series builds. The box mod is designed so that with some internal modifications it can be swapped from one to the other.

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