Unusual Cupboard Door Knobs (DIY Project Download)

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Scallop Decorative Glass Door Knob, Gludecca Silver Mirror Furniture Hardware for a Dresser Drawer Pull, Cabinet Handle or Cupboard Knob. Hanger Knobs, Set of 2, Turquoise – Doorknobs are one of the simplest,. Inventory is helpfully organized by era — if you need, say, a Colonial-style cupboard latch, this is your new go-to.

unusual cupboard door knobs 2Unique Cabinet knobs Cupboard Pulls Multicolor Hand Painted Ceramic Knob 10 Pcs. Orange Indian Crystal Unique Drawer Pull Cabinet Knob Door Knobs 1 Pcs CDN2218A. Com offer a selection of beautifully unique contemporary vintage homeware. including cupboard knobs, drawer knobs, coat hooks, coat racks, cushions and more. Beautiful range of homeware accessories to brighten up your home ranging from cupboard and mortice door knobs, bathroom light pulls, door stops, coasters and coat hooks.

Huge selection of cabinet door knobs and internal mortice door knobs suitable for any cabinet, chest of drawers, wardrobe or dressers! Our range of cabinet handles and cupboard knobs in unusual materials like glass, crystal and porcelain are selected from Fingertip Design, Heritage Brass and Finesse Design. In this section you will find cupboard knobs and cupboard door handles with unique styling. Glass Faceted Door Knob Mini Approx 2.3cm Clear. Faceted Glass Door Knob Medium Approx 4.2cm Clear.

Unique Cabinet Knobs

unusual cupboard door knobs 3The chrome and clear finish of the knob complements most doors and adds a touch of elegance. These knobs will enhance and dreary furniture of give your kitchen cupboards an attractive makeover without the hefty price tag!. Shop huge inventory of Kitchen Cupboard Knobs, Ceramic Cupboard Knobs, Chrome Cupboard Knobs and more in Door Handles and Pulls on eBay. Period door knobs, antique and reproduction door furniture, Traditional Hardware for old homes and gardens including brass door knockers, door handles and window accessories. Cabinet Knobs Drawer Pulls Door Knobs Door Accessories Decorative Hinges Switchplates Bathroom Accessories Robe Hooks. Special Content.

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