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The word toilet itself may be considered an impolite word in Anglophone North America, while elsewhere the word is used without any embarrassment. Define water closet: a room containing a toiletwater closet in a sentence. First Known Use of water closet. 1755. Related to water closet. Synonyms. Define water closet. water closet synonyms, water closet pronunciation, water closet translation, English dictionary definition of water closet.

uses of water closet 2Often abbreviated as W.C., a water closet differs from a bathroom in that. Flush toilets also allowed architects to install toilets inside homes without having to worry about odor issues, thereby keeping people more comfortable, since they no longer had to venture to a separate outhouse to use the bathroom or use chamber pots to relieve themselves indoors in inclement weather. Synonyms for water closet at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. An old-style flush toilet typically uses 13 liters (3.4 US gallons), where a low-flush model will use only 6 liters (1.6 US gallons) and some models use only 4.

A water-flushed toilet depends on water to flush urine and fecal material from a toilet bowl either directly into a pit or more normally through a pipe to a pit, septic tank or sewer. Cistern-flush toilets, which use a tank holding 5 to 20 liters of water for flushing, should not be adopted where water availability is less than 60 lpcd. In 1886 a German doctor named Jaeger described a Paris bakery, known for both its fine breads and pastries – but also its odious smells. Is it considered masculine to even use the term water closet? It seems old-fashioned and outdated to me. The BBC programs I watch here in the U.

What Is A Water Closet? (with Pictures)

A wide variety of high-efficiency water closets on the market use 1.28 gpf. Most models from mainstream manufacturers work very well, but as with any product, there are exceptions that give the technology a bad name. 1109.2.1 Family or assisted-use toilet and bathing rooms. Where the combined total water closet compartments and urinals provided in a toilet room or bathing room is six or more, at least one ambulatory-accessible water closet compartment shall be provided in addition to the wheelchair-accessible compartment. Save 40,000 gallons annually. The Stealth System combines five high-efficiency products for powerful water and energy savings. Toilet fixture replacement has been a staple of the water industry’s initiatives to reduce potable water consumption since the late 1980s. Dual-Flush High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) Fixtures: Five authoritative field studies measured the water savings resulting from the installation and use of dual-flush high-efficiency toilet fixtures. Vacuum toilets are flush toilets that use suction for the removal of faeces and urine resulting in a minimal requirement of water (0. Vacuum toilet systems are applicable both in large and small buildings, trains, ships and airplanes.

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