Using Cedar For Raised Beds (DIY Project Download)

using cedar for raised beds 1

Having gardened using raised beds and a standard flat plot, here’s my guide to deciding if they’re the best option for you and building successful, long-lasting raised beds. Some woods last better than others (e.g. cedar) but may cost more and come from unsustainable sources. Cedar raised bed make gardening easier, more accessible, more economical, and more efficient. I would like to suggest that re-using timber from commercial pallets could brig the cost almost to minimum. This is the design we settled on using 6 inch x 6 foot cedar fencing planks.

using cedar for raised beds 2We had hoped to have raised beds to make them more accessible to the older members, but are hearing that if we use untreated lumber it will only last 1-2 years. If you’re doing this for charity, they may donate materials like cedar or at least give you a steep discount. When you’re ready to build a raised garden bed, cedar is a good choice for prolonging the life of the bed without having to treat it with chemicals. Cedar is prized for its ability to resist rot and insects attacks, however, its cost keeps some people from using it. I’ve had my pressure treated wood raised beds for my vegetable garden since 2005 and was recently made aware of the potential risks of using this kind of wood. I found a good article about using cedar pickets, so I built mine like this.

Cedar boards,.5 inches x 4 inches x 8 feet. about 3.28 each. Greenes Fence Cedar Raised Garden Bed is an exciting new dimension to your garden. Using the raised bed, you could consider digging down below the bed to put more soil in. So, how long will those raised, untreated cedar beds last? I had also considered using bricks on the inside of the ties, but that was a bit expensive.

What Materials Should We Use For Building Our Raised Bed Containers?

We’re not sure how using using cinder blocks for constructing a raised bed would inhibit water drainage unless they’re against the wall of a house or if they’re being used as retaining walls on a slope. I want to build a large cedar garden box on concrete and am still a little confused abVout drainage. He buys two 1 x 8-inch cedar boards, which don’t rot with age. We hope that you can find a way to garden again by using raised beds, trellises, window boxes or other containers. Then I figured out that my cat was using the bed as a giant outdoor litter box. See more about Raising, Raised Gardens and Garden Beds. Follow these building plans to make a raised garden bed on the cheap using cedar fence. Drive the posts into the ground using a sledge hammer and a block of wood. Today, we’re going to build a 4 by 8 foot raised bed out of 2 by 6 rough cedar boards. Get more food from better soil with less water with raised beds. We were able to create soil by using compost from our previous house (we had moved the entire pile). Juniper lasts much longer than cedar or redwood, up to 50 years or more in ground contact applications.

Raised Beds

The raised bed allows for these to be neatly installed. It looks awesome. View the image below for a quick overview of how I planned on building the bed. By using these measurements I was left with no scraps. Using raised beds is like growing plants in large containers. The planting area is raised above the existing soil level and usually enclosed within a structure to form a planting bed. Cedar, redwood, and synthetic wood (Fig. 3) are also durable, but they are more expensive than ACQ treated lumber. We had several raised bed in the garden at the old house which we had been using for several years. When I built them I really was’nt too worried about how long they would last. To make this job a little easier consider using just one cedar box. You can find cedar boards in a variety of widths from 4, 6, 8 and 12 inches.