Using Shutters For A Headboard (DIY Project Download)

Easily create this inexpensive yet impressive headboard using unfinished shutters, paint and sandpaper. Pull shutter headboard away from wall and drive anchors, one in each top corner, into the pre-drilled holes in wall. Old Shutter Headboard. If you happen to be replacing your shutters and you need a new headboard, don’t throw those old shutters away. Spray paint will melt most Styrofoam so you should spray test a small spot. The manufacturer recommends using water based paint on the ceiling tiles. Hang the headboard at the desired height using a cleat. Tip: Place a second piece of clean, dry plywood or another heavy object on top of the carpet tiles to weigh them down as the adhesive dries. In this cottage bedroom, pairs of shutters topped with decorative moldings do the trick.

using shutters for a headboard 2This DIY vintage shutter headboard is so amazing. From Sometimes on a Tuesday, this DIY headboard project was created using styrofoam ceiling tiles, spray painted yellow, and attached to the wall with sticky adhesive squares. We had some spare crown in our garage so I cut a piece of that, angled at each end and attached it to the top of the shutters using gorilla glue, 2 wood screws and some finishing nails. Antique wood and iron shutters as home decor via Home Talk. Coastal cottage style shutter headboard DIY instructions from HGTV.

Take a look at these ingenious upcycled headboards you can make yourself! Make the bold statement you’re looking for using those old shutters you pulled off the house or that extra roofing material. In keeping with some earlier posts about headboards, here’s another idea worth your time and attention: what about using old shutters? How to Make a Headboard From Upcycled Shutters. Position one of the short shutters flush against this board and attach it to the offset board using four 2 screws.

16 Diy Headboard Projects

Turn four or more shutters into a headboard by attaching them to one another from the back with scrap-wood planks. Additional wood planks beneath the bottom of the headboard secure the structure to the bed frame with bolts. I love the idea of using shutters and doors for headboards and doing it on the cheap. If using an old door, mount it horizontally above the bed or stand a pair vertically between the bed and wall. When using shutters as a headboard, mount them above the bed as if there were a window behind them that you cannot see. Original headboard using store signs. Shutter Headboard. View in gallery. The over-the-top upholstered headboard has been created using simple materials like glue, staple and basic sewing skills.