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This standard is not applicable to mailboxes intended for door delivery service (see 6.1). 1.2 Classifications – Based on their size and design, curbside mailboxes are classified as either:. The following engineering specifications and standards are provided to the public to convey the U. USPS-STD-7C – U.S. POSTAL SERVICE STANDARD MAILBOXES, CURBSIDE HTM PDF. USPS Approved Mailbox Sizes & Installation Guidelines.

usps standard mailbox size 2War, the USPS didn’t start regulating the size of mailboxes until it began delivering mail to residents in rural areas of the country. That change to the regulation was the last to require a tunnel-like shape. STD-4C refers to a set of standards and regulations set by the United States Postal Service regarding the specifications of cluster mailbox units used in new construction. Postal Service statistics indicate customers receive more mail and of varying sizes than at the time of the last updated standard which prescribed design limitations that are no longer consistent with the operational requirements of the Postal Service. There are very specific guidelines on the appropriate size of your mailbox, as well as the accessibility for your postal carrier. The postal service wants your mailbox to be mounted on a post that will easily give way if it is struck by a car or by the mail truck.

U.S. Postal Service Standard, Mailboxes, City and Rural Curbside, USPS STD 7B, governs the design of curbside mailboxes. The proposed minimum size requirement will allow for a much higher delivery rate in the current mail stream. The new design standards do not apply to mailboxes made for door deliverly service. The Postal Service is finalizing new design standards for curbside mailboxes. Q: What are the new size standards for apartment mailboxes? A: On Sept. 3, 2004 the USPS published a final rule in the Federal Register that requires new apartment and business buildings to have larger mailboxes.

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usps standard mailbox size 3Most Express Mail and Priority Mail packages will be able to use the new boxes, the USPS said. The new standard would apply to mailbox systems in new construction or buildings with substantial renovations to the area housing the mailboxes. They could probably come up with a standard max dimension when empty, but if two people put that in before you, getting the pivoting mail drawer may not be able to fully extend if it is already partially full. These dimensions are not. the mailboxes. How flexible are the USPS’s postcard size guidelines? USPS residential mailbox standards describe the requirements for mailbox installation. The USPS provides requirements for the size and construction of door slots. Video: USPS testing package-sized mailboxes – Package delivery can be tricky – sometimes a box can t be left without a signature and those dropped at the front door. After decades of not setting standards for mailbox sizes, the post office now wants to make a better mailbox. Is STD-4C the only regulation used as a replacement for USPS Standard 4B, Receptacle Apartment House, Mail?. Manufacturers of mailbox equipment currently approved under USPS STD-4B are permitted to seek approval to produce security-enhanced receptacles referred to throughout this document and the Federal Register notice as STD-4B+. These units meet all the requirements of USPS-STD-4C, the new high-security standard developed by the United States Postal Service.

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The Postal Service is testing new, larger mailbox designs that can handle more than 70 percent of the packages sent through the mail. It will take about 500 years for our Bigger is Better campaign to replace standard size boxes with the new desired larger sizes to be realized because patrons don t want to replace their present mailbox with something else. The standard doesn’t apply to mailboxes made for door delivery service. Customers with curbside boxes won’t be required to switch to the new size, but they’ll have the option once the larger boxes hit the market. My question is: Is there a policy for mailbox sizes proved by the post office that I can use to get the post office to replace the boxes with a size that will accomidate a single family home? As it stands the boxes they provided us are apartment size. 1Manufacturer Specifications Manufacturers of all mailboxes designed and made to be erected at the edge of a roadway or curbside of a street and to be served by a carrier from a vehicle on any city route, rural route, or highway contract route must obtain approval of their products under USPS Standard 7, Mailboxes, City and Rural Curbside. USPS Postal Mailbox Regulations for Locking Mailboxes Questions: If my identity is stolen (due to someone stealing my mail), can I sue and win against the HOA citing that I attempted to take preventative measures and the HOA denied my request? Should I go ahead and let my HOA know that I will be holding the HOA responsible if anything happens as a direct result of my home not having a lockable mailbox? Should I take this to my neighbors and encourage all of them to request approvals for locking mailboxes? Bottom Line: I think it is my right if I want to protect my mail in my mailbox. Not an HOA one.