Utilizing Closet Space (DIY Project Download)

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Putting a closet underneath a loft is a great way to use vertical space even if your ceilings are normal height. From domino magazine, via Arianna Belle. How to Organize A Lot of Clothing in Very Little Closet Space. If you are using a dresser or other drawers, stack clothes vertically rather than horizontally. Take advantage of all vertical space using closet organizers like stacking drawers or shelves to store sweaters, shoes and handbags and prevent items from toppling over.

utilizing closet space 2Full of Lemons) and using wooden brackets to keep shelves orderly (thank you, Martha Stewart) and your closet will look oodles better with minimal time and effort. Martha Stewart arranges her home office in a closet after a simple renovation. It’s even harder if your closet is an attic or unusual space. Here are closet design tips from our walk-in closet remodel.

Here are 14 tips to maximize your closet space and keep chaos at bay. Spring-loaded rods easily pull down and utilize those high-up, hard to reach spaces. He’s walking into his estranged wife’s home and finding a guy hiding in the closet. With His Estranged Wife’s System For Utilizing Closet Space. In just four hours, the team turns a cluttered wardrobe space into a showroom-worthy walk-in closet using Ikea’s Algot open storage system that adjusts with your wardrobe.


Have you turned your walk-in closet into a blocked-in closet overflowing with clothes and hangers Linda Koopersmith The Beverly Hills Organizer shows you a few simple tips to maximize your closet space. You can save lots of closet space by using soft grip hangers. Check out these 5 ways to utilize your unused or too-cluttered linen closet! If you are lucky enough to have a linen closet with a lot of space, turn it into a tiny home office! Pay your bills, get your paperwork done and even organize your monthly planner in this quaint little nook. Popular Posts. Install your outdoor entertainment space with gra 09-1-2015.

14 Ideas To Maximize Your Closet Space