Vastu For Master Bedroom (DIY Project Download)

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Not only directions of the Bed Room but Interior arrangements also have impact on us. As per Vaastu the following Furniture placements should be followed to live a peaceful, healthy and wealthy life. Vastu tips for Bedroom, Master Bedroom, Family Head Room. While construction or choosing a place for bedroom, following things should be kept in mind. The Vastu plays a major role in placement and designing of the master bedroom. The way you sleep with your head in different direction and your placement of bed is a major decision which must be taken properly with utmost care.

vastu for master bedroom 2Here’re 34 KEY bedroom vastu shastra tips. Covers internal arrangement, colors etc. for master bedroom, guest bedroom & kid’s bedroom! Master bedroom in a home is occupied by head of the family and is considered as most private part in the home. It is the place to unwind and relax. Master bedroom should be located in the south-west. Marriage is a divine bond between man and woman; Vasthu Sastra can play an important role in maintaining that bond. The foremost focus of a happy marriage is the couple’s bedroom. The south-west corner of the house is the best place for it.

Vastu for bedroom, in which direction our head should be, how to arrange cots as per vaastu shastra details published with this Indian vastu shastra website. Home vastu and ideal bedroom placement, position and direction. A bedroom in the South or South West: The direction is ideal for having master bedroom and should be occupied by the head of the family. The main bedroom should be on the southwest or northwest side of the house. If there is an upper story in the house, the master bedroom should be on this floor, in the southwest corner.

34 Bedroom Vastu Shastra Tips

vastu for master bedroom 3Would like to know bed position and head position while sleeping as per Vastu Shastra, master bedroom information stated at this vastu website. Vastu tips for Bedroom – this is the place, where you spend most of your time when you are at home. The master bedroom should be on the southwest or northwest side of the house. Vastu Shastra plays an essential role in stabilizing the harmony in and around your home particularly the master bedroom which is an essential part of a house. This post is about the Vastu guidelines for the design of Bedrooms. Vastu arrangement of the master bedroom has a huge effect on the harmony of the home,so from the vastu perspective one need to arrange this room very perfectly. Here are some of the Vastu tips which you can implement on your master bedroom for a good health wealth and spirit. For the Master Bedroom It is.

Vastu For Master Bedroom And Sleeping Position Guidelines

After a whole busy day you expect a complete rest for your body & mind. And bedroom is the place where you get the relief from your stress, workout and other tension. The most obvious reason to design your master bedroom in Southwest region is due the predominance of Earth element in this area. By its virtue it indicates inertia or heaviness & immobility means it provides stability (mental, physical & financial) to both husband & wife occupying this bedroom. Here are given the facts which explain complete vastu for bedroom. Ideally master bedroom should be located in southern part of the house and all other bedrooms should be located either towards the East or North of master bedroom. The same goes with interior design of a Master Bedroom. The Master Bedroom reflects the personality of the person who owns it and even it does show the master work of the designer.

BEDROOM VASTU SHASTRA – the master bedroom should ideally be in the South-West corner, should be the biggest room and occupied by the head of the family and a married couple.