Vastu Shastra For Bedroom Sleeping Direction In Hindi (DIY Project Download)

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According to Vastu Shastra not only bedroom decoration but your sleeping habit also a big reason for your temperament. In order to enjoy sound sleep, one must have a bedroom with a peaceful environment. The second best sleeping direction is with the head towards the west, the third choice is south. The Vastu sleeping position with head in the North direction is strongly opposed. Vastu Shastra highly recommends this direction as your usual sleeping position with head towards the South.

wooden swing set ladder 2In Vastu Shastra there is a belief that a person should not sleep with their head facing the North. The study stated that when you face East your brain functions differently when compared to the functioning of your brain when they face other direction like North, South and West. Vastu illustrates a noteworthy part in the positioning and planning of the bedroom. The way you rest your head in different direction and the placement of bed is a noteworthy choice which must be brought legitimately with most extreme consideration. Vastu for couples bedroom can make your married life more happy and peaceful. Bedroom is a hub to unwind stress and carry out different activities of life, and for a couple choosing bedroom in appropriate direction is important for many reasons such as to prevent untimely death of spouse, bad health, miscarriage in women, better and early conception etc. Couples must sleep with their head towards South and feet in North.

Read about Vaastu/Vaasthu guidelines for bedroom. The main things that become important, while constructing and designing bedrooms, are location, placement of bed, color scheme, direction and placement of doors, windows, and furniture, set up of electronic gadgets, etc. The direction which the needle is pointing now is the North of your house. – For peaceful and sound sleep keep mobile phones and any other gadget away from bed. WHAT IS THE BEST DIRECTION FOR SLEEPING IN A BEDROOM, ACCORDING TO VASTU SHASTRA?.


The theory of two streams of energy is a powerful tool is Vastu shastra analysis to access the nature of energy blockages and related solutions. For jaivic urja the north direction is the source and the west is the sink. If the bathroom is attached to the bedroom then it should be on the northwest, east or north of the bedroom. Sleeping with head towards east leads to enlightenment. Bedroom should be located in the Yamya (South) direction and weaponry (security-related storage and safe) in the Southwest. Some experts of Vastu have analyzed the effects of sleeping in different directions upon people of different age groups and mentality vis–vis the precepts of the Vedic Scriptures. Success in buisness 3. How to Sleep with your bed. 4. Where to make bathroom in your home. 5. Decoration of Guest Room. 6. Best Direction for living Room. Vastu Shastra in Hindi Vastu Shastra android app gives you tips according to Vastu shastra for you. Category: Education Size: 1.55MB Updated: 2015-06-19. Vastu Shastra gives us a set of principles for the construction, layout and interior design of houses, commercial buildings and even whole cities, so that they honour the rhythms that control the universe and ensures a harmonious balance between man, nature and energy, thereby bringing all round happiness, health, wealth and prosperity. It is true that Vastu Shastra does not have anything exclusive on enhancing ones sex life, but it does provide enough inputs to make your life rock in bed. They feel that their bed and their own reflection in the looking glass will cause misery in marital life and disturb sleep. In fact, it is the location of mirror in an incompatible Vaastu zone that causes the problems and that too related with that zone only.

Vastu For Bedroom

Vastu can make your married life happy and maintain the compatibility between the spouses. Bedroom should always be either in south best or in north west direction. Husband and wife should sleep on the right and left side of the bed respectively. In Vaastu Shastra sleeping is consider an important aspect for a good health. In order to enjoy sound sleep, one must have a bedroom with a peaceful environment. The Chinese feng shui and Indian Vastu Shastra systems describe favorable and unfavorable geographical directions (north, south, east, west) for sleeping. Using some of the following Vaastu Shastra tips one can conceive a Baby or enhance the fertility. After conceiving the baby shifts the bed in South In this corner or South of South-West direction in the house.