Vice Chair Hyphen (DIY Project Download)

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In general, use a hyphen whenever you use the prefixes all-, self-, ex-, and vice-. Examples: all-purpose, self-centered, ex-wife, vice-chair. Vice President is usually capitalized when it is a title that comes immediately before the name of the vice president of a countrye.g., Vice President Biden. The solution is to hyphenate only the words following the ‘ex’ (ex marine-biologist, ex fighter-pilot). Some authorities suggest using two hyphens (ex-marine-biologist, ex-fighter-pilot); but as ‘ex’ here means former it does not need a hyphen after it. ‘Vice-Chairman’ can have its hyphen.

vice chair hyphen 2Some words beginning with co- (co-chair) and pro- (pro-choice) just look wrong closed up and are anomalously hyphenated, as are words in which the last letter of the prefix and the first letter of the root word are the same: anti-intellectual, co-owner, ultra-aggressive. Hyphens – English Grammar Today – a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage – Cambridge Dictionaries Online. The vice-president will speak to the company on Monday. In the absence of a hyphen, the Vice President stands amongst the same crew as the Smut President, the Alcohol President, and the Manager of Marketing g, and whether the Vice Admiral belongs in this less than lofty crew I leave to the Navy folk on this list to reveal.

Compound adjectives in which the first word ends in ly are not hyphenated (e.g. V-chip venepuncture versus vice (tool) Vice-Chair Vice-President vice versa video camera videoconference videodisc video game. Once upon a time, a co-chairwas subordinate to the chair. Federal Government and the Chair and Vice Chair of the President’s Export Council shall serve as ex-officio members. Use a hyphen with ex, elect, and vice when they are used to form part of a title. Example: president-elect. Our ex secretary will become our vice chairman next year.

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Hyphenate All-Class, and capitalize each word, as it is the proper name of a reunion event. The words vice president and vice chair are not hyphenated. Hyphenate with proper nouns: unfunded, unnatural, un-American. Hyphenate if used as an adjective before a noun or a noun substitute. See also Hyphens, Numbers. Not chairman or chairperson. Christmas Break. Vice president, vice chair, etc. Union University’s core values should be hyphenated, lowercase in body copy and capitalized in headings or headlines and always listed in this order: excellence-driven, Christ-centered, people-focused, future-directed Excellence-Driven Christ-Centered People-Focused Future-Directed. Do not hyphenate compounds with vice (vice chair, vice president). Capitalize as a formal title before a name: Chairman of Surgery Michael Edwards, M. Based in Leicester, Hyphen has a team of brand stylists who hand craft every aspect of your logo design and brand identity. Shreek is passionate about being involved in the local community and is currently vice chair of governors at a local primary school.