Vintage Craftsman Table Saw Jointer Combo (DIY Project Download)

I didn’t know Craftsman made a Saw/Jointer combination. I have seen a couple of old small Rockwell combo’s around here at yard sales. Antique Sears table saw joiner combo User Name Remember Me? Password Register Home FAQ Active Topics Garage Garage Garages Browse by Username Browse Recently Added Browse Recently Modified Browse Most Popular Advanced Search Help. Now I need to find that. Maybe my uncle still has it along with the guards for the table saw and jointer blades. 34-500 8 inch Table Saw Jointer Combination machine offered a compact table saw jointer unit on one stand that used a single motor.

vintage craftsman table saw jointer combo 2The Vintage Machinery Photo Index is a place where members of this site can submit photos of old woodworking machinery. 01/26/2015, Jointer, 103.23340 4-3/8, J20140916-10 2, B, Jim. Ever see this style table saw? these were available with all kinds of accesories that just clamped down to the saw and just use one of the two pulleys the motor had,they had sanders,drill presses and. It was a Craftsman I think he said. Looking for Power Tools? Find 1 available for as low as from a trusted seller on eBay.

Vintage Sears Craftsman Planer Jointer Table Unit Model Number 1003-23900. I have my father’s old tablesaw and would like to acquire some information about it. Model 113.24280. My other table saw is a cheap made in Taiwan Craftsman that was a freebie. If this was a table saw/jointer combo, it is missing the jointer.


Where can I get information about this table saw/jointer combo. He only had it because his dad unloaded it on him and I think he took it so as to not piss the old man off. I inherited a small Sears cast iron table saw (maybe 1950s)Serial 103.0211. Besides zero what are the chances of finding an old manual? He had the saws and jointer like yours as well as a matching lathe and drill press. Classic Vintage Craftsman Table Saw, Jointer Combo.Model Number 103.22160.Fence system and miter gauge.Model Number 103.23340. We look to Delta, Powermatic, Craftsman and Jet for our table saws, band saws, jointers, planers and shapers. The third merges all these tools: table saw, shaper, jointer, planer and (still an option) horizontal mortiser. After traipsing 600 miles (each way) and parting with about 4,000 (a new machine costs 6,000 plus shipping), I rolled my used X-31 into the shop and sold my stand-alone table saw, jointer, planer and the trusty old Zincken, recouping half the X-31 purchase price. 1956 Craftsman table saw, I inherited from my grandpa.

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