Vintage Craftsman Table Saw Restoration (DIY Project Download)

I was able to determine the model, year and other info I needed to restore this old saw. Deep in the drawer, everybody has old, worn tools that could live useful lives again. Craftsman table saw, circa 1980s, purchased at a church auction for 80. See how to restore on How to Rehab an Old Saw Table. Early last week, I got a call regarding an older Craftsman table saw that was up for grabs, all I had to do was pick it up.

vintage craftsman table saw restoration 221-2012, 12:35 AM Thread Starter. Craftsman aw restoration. For what it is worth I restored a really old Craftsman TS once. I don’t have room for a real Table saw, wish I did, but this system works for me. Just thought I’d share: I recently acquired an old table saw from my father. It was my grandfathers before he past away a few years ago.

Posted in tool hacksTagged delta, refurbished, rust, rusty, table saw Post navigation. Rusty old table saw turned into a workstation worthy of a master craftsman. 20 years after restoration it is still going strong at a hardwood dealer. Information and resources about the Craftsman 10 Inch Table Saw Model 113. 28-207 The Band Saw Restoration page is a place for you to share your old band saw restoration tips and stories and upload photos.

Craftsman Table Saw Restoration

vintage craftsman table saw restoration 3Take inventory of your fingers at all times operating a table saw and stay far away from the blade. My first table saw was a Sears unit like that. Machinery site and reading what those folks do to restore old machines. My other table saw is a cheap made in Taiwan Craftsman that was a freebie. The table itself is a rusty mess but mostly looks to be surface rust. I collect old hand tools and restore them. It is fun to bring back the old tools and put them to good use. I picked up this old timer from an old timer who was no longer able to make sawdust. You did an outstanding job restoring that table saw. This is a 50’s-era Craftsman table saw made by the King-Seeley Corporation. Model 103-23831. I painted it a brighter color as a nod to my dad. I have a 31 year old Craftsman table saw model 113.298470 with a non working motor. I have a working motor for an old electric sears table saw. I have restored cosmetically many Craftsman machines, table saws, band saws, shapers, scroll saws, and the like and always used Rustolem Industrial Dark Machinery Gray, or later Charcoal Gray enamel, but those colors were never really compatible with the Craftsman color. Check out the color on my pictures and see what you think, and see if this color might work for you too, if you restore the Old Machines.

Rusty Old Table Saw Turned Into A Workstation Worthy Of A Master Craftsman

The solution was finding used or abandoned equipment that I could restore. The first machine I located was an old Craftsman table saw in late 2006.