Vintage Furniture Casters And Wheels (DIY Project Download)

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Stem casters mount inside furniture legs, while cup casters support the leg inside a sturdily constructed cup. Made from solid brass with wheels available in brass, wood, rubber or porcelain. This versatile stem-and-plate caster is suited for use on a wide variety of furniture including dressers, chairs, and cabinets. 4 Vintage White Porcelain & Iron Furniture Caster Wheels Ball Top Stem. Vintage & Antique Salvaged Rollers Furniture Casters Wheels Wood Porcelain Metal. Nickel, Porcelain Wood & Brass Casters, Leg Caps Cup Casters and Claw Feet. Many vintage applications require specific designs of antique furniture casters, plate type, round or square cup casters and threaded stem styles. Brass, porcelain, nickel and wood wheels are used on antique furniture casters.

vintage furniture casters and wheels 2Interested in cool furniture with vintage, industrial casters and wheels that you see on Pinterest and elsewhere?. Caster Connection now offers a variety of vintage casters for sale through our website, and custom creation of these casters upon request. Brass Casters Set of 7 Hard Rubber Wheel Vintage Furniture Rolling Hardware. Brass Casters Set of 7 Hard Rubber Wheel Vintage Furniture Rolling Hardware.

Wood Caster Wheels Set of 4: Vintage Furniture Casters, Salvaged Industrial, Vintage Supplies, Steampunk, Assemblage Art. Set of 4 Antique Cast Iron Furniture Casters. This is an Antique Item. In Stock! Antique Furniture Caster Wooden Wheel. Whether you are restoring antique furniture, creating a new piece with a period look, or just trying to add some appeal to existing furniture, Van Dyke’s has all the hardware you could ever ask for! Shop our selection of bumpers, coasters, glides, casters, and toe caps for your furniture’s feet and our selection of chair, trunk, desk, cabinet, and bed hardware to bring the whole piece together. Restorers Solid Brass Round Cup Caster-1 1/4 Wheel.

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These casters are brand new antique reproduction casters. Casters are measured by their wheel diameter. They are available with a light or dark patina on the steel and different color wheels if specified. 5 Threaded Antiqued Caster with Hard Rubber Wheel. Restoration Hardware and Supplies for Antique Furniture. It is not uncomon for wood casters to freeze or lock in place causing the wheel to become flat on once side from years of moving the furniture with a bad caster. Priced for a single caster. 700 lbs rating per caster We offer discounts for quantity cast See more about Wheels, Irons and Vintage Industrial Furniture. Includes: what is a caster, how to date antique chair casters, and finding antique casters. Traditional period styles include casters with brass wheels, porcelain wheels and wood wheels. In fact, most antique pieces of furniture came with caster wheels made from far more conventional materials, many of which are still available to specialty buyers engaging in period-sensitive restoration work.

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Select a style of caster – you can change wheel color and add wheel brakes / additional features to your caster on the product page. We love them so much, there’s a boat load (how much is a boat load really? Are we talking yacht or dingy?) of great resources and links after the jump! Blue, green, wooden, vintage.. the choices are endless! The choices are endless! Retail Establishments That Carry Casters and Wheels: Cool Casters House of Antique Hardware Closet Masters Ace Hardware Harbor Freight Tools. I love the curve of a beautiful mid century furniture foot and I love, love casters. Lot of 12 assorted antique vintage steel wheeled furniture casters. These are dirty and rusty from the estate of an antique furniture restorer. Most of these casters measure about 1 1/4 across the wheel and about 1 1/4 to 1 5/8 high not including the stem.