Vintage Wardrobe Essentials (DIY Project Download)

Retro wardrobe essentials. Getting into the vintage/retro lifestyle is the most exciting & liberating thing I’ve done in the past couple years. My list is a top ten of what I’d consider the bare essentials of a vintage wardrobe. It is by no means definitive, and reflects a bias toward the 40s-50s aesthetic, but can be used as a jumping-off point for planning your own vintage capsule wardrobe. Which is why over the past few weeks (or months) I have been thinking a lot about which vintage basics I needed to complement my wardrobe key pieces.

vintage wardrobe essentials 2Whatever your personal style, it all starts with the basics. Here is a list of basic vintage essentials to help build a flexible vintage wardrobe. See more about Wardrobes, Pin Up Fashion and Vintage Wardrobe. To some extent, I do consider my wardrobe to be vintage, pinup and rockabilly inspired, obviously. Mostly, I consider it to be feminine.

What vintage items do you have in your closet? Check out these 5 essential vintage items from HowStuffWorks. Vintage Fashion Style Tips: How to Wear Vintage Clothing. It depends on the vintage pieces you decide to wear – if it’s basic or flashy. Let’s check out a couple of examples: Basic Vintage Clothing. By taking a quick browse around the vintage reproduction websites, you can see that women of all shapes and sizes look fabulous and feel fabulous when rocking these dresses. Lets start with the basics, your wardrobe foundation.

5 Essential Vintage Items For Your Closet

To help you find this season’s most stylish, vintage-inspired musts, we created a top 5 list of the clothing items we wouldn’t survive with during spring. One area of my closet that I am always trying to improve is the section of essentials. Each season, I find a new item that needs refreshing or a new style that I repeatedly find myself reaching for. This week on BurdaStyle, I channeled my inner style guru and listed the five retro pieces that are essentials in any wardrobe. Stop by to see if you agree with my choices!Check the BurdaStyle Blog every week for my guest post on vintage sewing!. Who better to ask for vintage style tips than burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese? Q: What’s the most precious item of vintage in your wardrobe? When it comes to incorporating vintage clothing into your closet, it’s important to start with the essentials. I find sometimes that the quality of vintage clothes trumps new cheap styles.

5 Essential Vintage Items For Your Closet