Violin Tonewood (DIY Project Download)

Violin Varnish. We offer quality Spruce and Maple tonewood from the Carpathians. If you would like more information about our tonewood, please visit About the Wood. All Tonewood is European, quarter-sawn and seasoned dried. We will be happy to hand select your Tonewood, and send you digital photos if you’d like. Albertidesign, Violin, guitar and bow making tools of our own design. International Violin Co., Ltd. variety of tonewoods, specialty tools for luthiers, oil and spirit varnish, Micro-mesh abrasives, purflings, bow inlay.

violin tonewood  2We sell only wood coming from European countries and mainly acoustic Epicea and flamed maple specially cut for musical instruments. All our cuts are identified, bear an inventory number and are classified according to our own system that allows us to date each piece of wood, know where it comes from and offer you cuts from the same tree. Alaska Specialty Woods is a supplier of Violin Tonewood, spruce Tone Woods, Ukulele Tonewoods and many others. Click or contact us today to learn more! See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Flamed Maple Violin Tonewood collection. Join flamemaplesk to create inspiring collections on eBay!

Tonewood for Violin makers. Our family company is located in Belgium, for more than 25 years we are specialized in the research for and exclusive logging of curly maple wood.

Wood For Violin Making

Bois De Lutherie Aigrisse